Kasper’s Birthday

We had an awesome day yesterday; my parents and my nana drove up. We went to the zoo again, ate out and went for a beautiful walk along the prom too. Fabby πŸ™‚

If there aren’t already too many photos I’ll post some pics of the beach at the end of this…otherwise I’ll save it for yet another post πŸ˜€

We started Kasper’s birthday celebrations at midnight so he had a full 24 hours of being spoiled! To begin he opened the package sent up for him from my parents – addressed personally to him!


They sent him a large bag of chicken disc treats and a really cute card! It’s funny, since we adopted Kasper over 4 years ago, both my mum and dad refer to English Springer Spaniels as ‘Kasper dogs’ πŸ™‚


And I was horribly cruel and made him sit and wait whilst I arranged some treats into a number 5 XD They were really good treats actually; very smelly, soft and heart-shaped


On his actual birthday Kasper got *thinks* eight packets of treats, a pack of Burns wet food and two chicken feet. He kindly donated one of the chicken feet to Zoey…well, okay, we made him πŸ˜‰

He also got two puzzle feeders (I think I’ve already blogged about these…probably XD ). The white one with the maze inside was his favourite, although the red one surprisingly took him longer to empty. He did manage to pull out the yellow cylinder that makes the treats fall out more slowly though hahaha


We also bought him a really cheap squeaky toy. We were very surprised to find that Kasper really enjoyed playing with this, and it’s still in one piece too!


Video of him on his birthday puzzle feedering it up and goofing about with the football πŸ˜€

He is a wonderful dog, I really mean that. I know he’s not perfect, far from it…but he’s perfect for me πŸ™‚ We’ve had him for 4 years 2 and a bit months. I adopted him when I was 21 years old, and I had never had a dog before. Everyone told usΒ it was a bad idea; adopting an adolescent dog with a dubious background, a mix of two extremely energetic breeds and when we lived in a flat with no garden! Well, we’ve never looked back. I am SO glad we ended up with the dog we did ❀

Fast forward to yesterday, and we’re at the beach! The day started off pretty cloudy, and when we got to the zoo with my parents all the lemurs were huddled in one huge chilly heap!! However as the day progressed the sun broke through, and by the time we’d eaten tea it was beautiful




And my dad looking out to sea!



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