2 days, 1 hour!

The Birthdays draw nearer, and the best thing?

My partner’s main birthday present arrived today!! *crazy happy dance* Oh yeah, talk about just in time! We had to go pick it up from the parcel office, and it had a customs charge…£22.29! Holy moley, as if it wasn’t expensive enough. Jeeez!


But oh well, it’s here, and it’s *perfect* 😀

I finished up buying my partner’s presents yesterday, and they’re all wrapped now. Hurray! Kasper has all his presents, but I don’t know whether to wrap them or not…I never wrap edible things (not even treats in a packet) as he could – never has – but could resource guard them. And although he enjoys unwrapping other gifts like toys, he makes such a mess!!

And some bits and bobs…Kasper is a lap dog (he looks huuuge here!)


And I thought I’d try take some cool photos of Zoey catching a treat. This went…badly XD

Now Zoey is really good at catching treats, I’d say she successfully catches them 97% of the time. She is MUCH better than Kasper, who tends to wait for the treat to bounce off his head / muzzle and land on the ground before eating it!!

But Zoey was put off as I had to throw them from my left hand; my camera is rubbish and you can’t take photos using just your left hand, so I had to hold the camera in my right hand and throw treats from my left! This confused Zoey as she’s never caught them from that hand before, so she missed every single one…made for some humorous photos though 😉


She tries so hard though, bless her. Can you see the treat in the next one? It’s so not near her mouth – look at that face though XD


(it’s on the left, near her shoulder!!)

Mood-wise I am kinda okay. I stayed up for over 30 hours no sleep (big oops) and forgot to eat, but my med eventually zonked me out. We’ll see if it climbs any higher, hopefully I won’t have a full-on manic episode due to birthday busyness and festivities!


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