7 days to go!!

Well, in a few minutes it will be six!

That’s right, the 23rd is my partner’s and Kasper’s birthdays. Kasper will be five years old, and my partner will be 25. So exciting! It’s gonna be the most amazing day ever, I have planned so much and tried so, so hard…I really hope it’s worth it 🙂

I have bought my partner an incredibly expensive (for us) gift that is really special too, so I hope he likes it 😛

I had a bit of an issue with it though. I ordered from America mid-April and the seller, who makes the gifts by hand, botched the first few attempts! This meant that the gift (which should have arrived by now) was only posted from America about four days ago. Luckily it’s in London already, so I’m pretty sure it’s gonna make it in time for my partner’s birthday – yay!

The dogs helped me do a few things as a gift for him too – they were great! Kasper took it all in his stride and tried his hardest, and Zoey really struggled but wow did she give it her all! It turned out great, and I will share it with you on / after their birthdays 🙂

Kasper has been well and truly spoiled for his fifth birthday…we have spent around £45. Ooops!

He has the paddling pool that he is afraid of, of course! And then this impressive haul 😉


A selection of treats, a cheap toy for him to destroy, some chicken feet (nommy!) and two puzzle feeders.

The snak ‘a’ ball was really cheap, and looks pretty cool! We already have one very similar puzzle toy; it’s a hollow plastic ball that you fill with kibble / treats. When rolled about the treats fall out the hole. With the Snak ‘a’ Ball however there’s actually a plastic cylinder inserted so the treats can only fall out of two small holes, making it harder!


The following is a Kong-type toy, with a small hole in which to stuff wet food / PB / kibble. It can also be frozen.


Then he has some treats from Barking Heads, which is a company I really love, and I will be posting more about them soon! 🙂

These bags of treats were £2.99 a bag, not including postage. Whilst pricey the ingredients are good and you get A LOT of them. They are huge!!


So then we thought we were done…I mean, Kasper has enough right??

But we were shopping in town and stumbled across this puzzle feeder, a ‘Treat Tower’. The shop was selling it for £7.99, and it looked awesome…so we bought it! ^__^

I’m glad we did, as most places I’ve found it online are selling it for much more!

It’s similar to a Kong Wobbler; it’s weighted on the bottom and the dog must roll / paw / nose it about to get the treats or kibble to drop out the holes. The main differences are that you enter the treats through the top, and inside there are three maze-like chambers. The treats must roll around until they fall through the hole in the floor, they then drop into the chamber below and this must be repeated until they drop out the bottom of the toy and the dog can eat them!


Visually it looks very appealing, and it’s a nice large size too. Even though it’s for Kasper’s birthday, we let Zoey have a little play with it – she LOVED it!!


She had great fun batting the toy about with her nose and paws, and the difficulty (which I think you can change, although I haven’t experimented with this yet) was at a good setting for Zoey. It wasn’t so easy that the treats fell out immediately, but they were released fast enough to keep Zoey interested!

Finally, as an added bonus, here’s a photo of Kasper holding my pen for me whilst we all plan one of my partner’s presents 🙂



6 thoughts on “7 days to go!!

    • Thank you, I really hope they each have an awesome birthday! 🙂

      Haha I have no idea how many tricks the pups learn a year! They know about 30 tricks each now, I think…I really need to update their trick list so I can count them all!

    • Thank you Cookie!! 🙂

      Kasper is not happy as we have warned him that Zoey has to share at least some of his treats…he can’t believe we could be so cruel, after all it is HIS birthday! 😉

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