Awash with sick

The pups both have a tummy bug. Kasper was sick yesterday in bed, then again about an hour later. He was fine for the rest of the day.

Then today he was sick in bed again, twice, and a few hours later Zoey vomitted too!

I’m not sure if Kasper’s bout of sickness this morning was a hunger vomit. He used to do that a lot when he was around a year old and very skinny; if we didn’t feed him immediately in the morning he would puke bile.

Now normally the advice when a dog is sick (as long as it’s not constant and the dog isn’t acting very ill) is to starve them for 24 hours, then feed plain food like pasta and chicken. I don’t know whether to feed Kasper some food now or wait until later tonight…hmmm.

Currently he hasn’t been fed (anything significant) for just over 24 hours, so I think I will give it another few hours. We’ll feed Zoey tomorrow, giving her 24 hours no food too.

We’ve had to keep treats to a minimum, which is never easy! Especially as our friend came over yesterday, and Kasper needs lots of positive reinforcement having a strange-ish man in the house, even if he has met our friend a few times before. I was giving him tiny pieces of treat, like literally 4mm in length!

Here is our beautiful boy doing well with a ‘stranger’


Huge thanks to my partner for cleaning up every single puddle of sick…my excuse? My med makes me incredibly sleepy…

I spend a minimum of 12 hours a day sleeping, which I detest. And even when I wake up, my mind is active and I can hear and think, but my body is paralysed and I can’t move. It’s horrific. I tried to talk with our allocated MH professional about how hard it is to lead a normal life with these side effects at our last appointment, which lasted all of 15 minutes.

Even when my mood is fairly stable, if you sleep 12 – 14 hours a day and it takes you an hour to get out of bed, it’s extremely hard to do ‘normal’ day-to-day things. I keep getting told “give it more time, the sedation should ease” – I’ve been on this med 4 months now and it’s exactly the same! And what’s worse, my mood hasn’t even been stable!!

Bleh. Anyway here is Kasper from today. He hasn’t had a walk, and he hasn’t been fed. So he is acting like a huge pain in the bum…


Feeeed meeee!

In general, because Kasper has been sick so many times (when we walked him off lead he ate all sorts of crap that didn’t agree with him!) it doesn’t phase him, he bounces back pretty quickly. We’ve had several puke fests with Kasper, and as for how many times he has cut his paws / tongue etc and needed vet care, it must be over 30 times in the 4 years we’ve had him…

Zoey on the other hand is rarely ill. I can only think of three times she has been properly poorly, and she’s only been injured twice since living with us! So when she’s sick, she’s utterly miserable…she feels very sorry for herself, and pretty much spends all day sleeping bless her 🙂


Poorly pup needs extra snuggles…after her night walk, my partner had to do something on the computer, and by the time he had finished and turned around to ask if we were ready to go up to bed, this had happened 🙂


My poor babies. Here’s hoping they feel better tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Awash with sick

  1. Hoping everyone is feeling better. My dog bunny never gets sick! He has injured himself being overly “enthusiastic”, but never gets a bug and seems to have a cast iron stomach.

    • Hey you!

      Oh god I wish Kasper did…he just eats “things”! We don’t give them bones because they were forever swallowing huge chunks and being sick – Kasper doesn’t let that put him off, he can just as easily swallow strips of sock and stick!

      They are both feeling much better now it seems – in fact as I type a huge fight has erupted behind me. Joy of joys!

      Hope you are well 🙂

    • Thank you! The pups seem to have woken up feeling *much* better! Kasper kept a little food down last night and Zoey is racing laps around the room – yay! 🙂

    • I had never heard of hunger vomit either, until Kasper. I always say that dog has taught me a lot 😉

      The dogs don’t seem to take into consideration that the other is poorly. For example, even when Zoey was sick and just wanted to sleep, Kasper was still trying to play with her!!

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