High energy dogs

*warning – there are a LOT of photos – I am sorry* 😉

I say I have high energy dogs. Kasper is what I call a high energy dog; he is almost 5 years old and a BC x ESS. He needs a minimum of two hour-long walks a day, along side puzzle feeders, plenty of training and play. He does rest (a lot more than he used to may I add) but he is always ready to go go go!

Zoey is a low-medium energy dog in my books, but some people would consider her high energy. Thing is, she is incredibly lazy. If left she will easily sleep overnight, then lounge around until late afternoon. She will even stay and spectate on the couch when me and Kasper are wrestling in front of her!

But once Zoey is done resting, she is DONE! Even after a long walk she often isn’t ready to settle, and needs active training (ie. the touch game, jumping on / off furniture, leg weaves etc), play and chew toys before she’ll even think of calming down.

I always try and weave everyday happenings in with tiring my pups out. Today for example my partner bought me an (adorable) hen…did I mention I am chicken fanatic?! Well I had both dogs pose with her!


Now Zoey was hella excited; she had never seen the chicken before and apparently it smelled reeeeally interesting! But, she held her down / stay with it between her front legs!! To say I was impressed with her would be a huge understatement…

I also had a package arrive for my partner’s birthday today. It was covered in annoying packaging tape, so I let Zoey ‘help’ me open it! She wanted it sooo bad:


Although it took her a good five minutes to get through the tape


“Need more grip…”


I would normally let her destroy the entire box and shred it into tiny, annoying-to-pick-up pieces too. But as I need it as part of my partner’s present I took it off her once she’d made a tiny hole 😉

Next I had a leftover cardboard plantpot that I had been using in another animals’ cage. So I used it as a prop with the dogs, putting treats on the top and making them wait for their release cue! You can see in the background of the photo just how brilliant Kasper is at waiting his turn on the couch. I can release Zoey to get the treats from the pot, and Kasper won’t move a muscle!


Zoey again


Kasper’s turn!


I love that when I ask Kasper to leave an item, he immediately offers eye contact. I want to work on that with Zoey, as it’s really easy to do, but other fun tricks keep getting in the way!!

Kasper; guardian of the chickens (never mind that if he ever came in close enough contact to a live chicken he would try and kill then eat it…)


The pups also get their daily walks and rough housing, too. They wrestle with each other, and with us! Generally they choose a human each (so Kasper will play solely with me, and Zoey with my partner for example). Kasper enjoys playing with toys when Zoey isn’t present, involving us in tug of war. He also loves being shoved and slapped and rolled about – only from us of course 😉

Whereas Zoey is much more ‘teeth on’. She has never gotten the hang of playing with toys and a human, and is the mouthiest dog I’ve ever worked with. So rather than banning the behaviour completely, she is allowed to *gently* place her teeth on our hands…if she gets too rough, which is rare these days, it means game over. I can play tug of war with Zoey using my finger, and if I even quietly say “drop it” she will instantly.

Kisses are also an integral part of playing with Zoey 😉


Yeah, she loves her people…or just any people, really! 😀

We probably have between 5 – 15 training sessions a day, lasting anywhere from a minute to 10 minutes long. Play sessions also vary, but probably don’t last any longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Do you have a high energy dog? What do you do to help keep them happy?


6 thoughts on “High energy dogs

  1. We have a bonkers Jack Russell. Apparently the long legged ones are the most active but I don’t know if this is true. We have to walk him at least an hour a day plus regular intervals of play and training. Mainly in the afternoon / evening. He likes to sleep in the morning. He’s super clever and obsessed by food so if he doesn’t get the stimulation every day then you really can tell! Your dogs are lovely 🙂

    • Thank you 😀

      Ah I adore Jack Russells! I’ve walked / trained a few in rescue and they’ve all been fast learners, but *very* energetic!

      I also enjoy dogs that are obsessed with food (or toys) – makes training so much easier 😛

    • Thank you!! It’s so awesome to have a blog to post them on and share them with other dog lovers 😀

  2. I love lots of photos – they’re great! Daisy’s not a high energy dog; she loves a run around the yard, then she’s pretty much done. On rainy days she finishes up outside as quickly as possible, then comes inside and whizzes around the house a few times…then she’s done. She’s a cuddler rather than a racer. 😉

    • Thank you!!

      Daisy is so sweet 🙂 And it must be so handy having a dog that doesn’t like rain that is also willing to chill in the house…Zoey despises rain yet turns into a tornado if we don’t walk her twice a day! Such a nightmare XD

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