I said I’d blog about Kasper’s new trick, so here it is!

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that I am working on getting Kasper to ‘wave’ his left paw. He picked it up really quickly and is doing great 🙂

Well, another trick we’re practicing is ‘beg’. That is Kasper sits on his back legs and raises his front paws in the air, balancing on his back feet.

We have been practicing this on and off for about three weeks, but it’s only this past week or so that it really ‘clicked’ for him. I’ve been using a hand signal rather than a verbal cue, because I can make the hand signal really obvious and use it as a lure, then once he’s got it down I can fade it.

HOWEVER, Kasper had other ideas!

I guess a few times I must have said “Can you do it again?” whilst moving my hand into the signal…I did this completely without meaning to. So one time I said, still without realising, “can you do it again?” I didn’t even have enough time to do the hand signal and Kasper had done the beg trick! So clever boy Kasper came to understand that “can you do it again?” meant to do the trick I wanted to call ‘beg’!!

Of course I could re-train the trick to “beg”, but I personally find it hilarious and cute that Kasper chose his own cue…so “Can you do it again?” stays 🙂

And what would a blog be without photos? 😉


Mummy, I’m ready to learn!

“Hey Kasper, can you do it again?”


So much concentration XD


He has incredible balance 🙂


And Zoey is still practicing waiting on the couch whilst I work with Kasper on the floor…she is doing far, far better than I ever could have imagined. Clever girl!


(and yes Kasper is wearing his Ruffwear front range harness, we’ve had it over 3 months now and it still looks new! Kasper doesn’t mind wearing it at all and it’s holding up very well – would still recommend 😉 )


6 thoughts on “Braniacs

  1. Dog’s are tuned into body language far better than the spoken word. If you want to test it out, turn your back to your dog and give it a command. It may respond if it has heard it enough times, but the chances he won’t know what to do. Often people will gesture slightly when saying “sit”. Perhaps just a little nod of the head, but the dog will respond to that little nod far better than the sound of “sit”!

    • Kasper is an odd dog. He responds better to verbal commands than hand signals. I can yell a cue from another room, where he can’t see me, and he will follow it instantly. Zoey has to be sat in front of me – she’s a total hand signal girl!

  2. Smart boy Kasper!! My human loves this beg trick, unfortunately I still cannot balance myself properly while doing this trick. My humans say it must be something to do with the fat content of my body……ah well, who cares as long as we get the treats, right?
    My humans got me a Ruffwear collar but I ruined it by chewing the plastic clasp to pieces 😀 My sister is still wearing hers for more than a year now. The humans say, if it lasts on other dogs, it probably won’t last for me! BOL

    • Hahaha oh Cookie!! I was expecting Kasper to be useless at balancing, but he surprised me and hasn’t fallen over yet!

      Oh man, we got Kasper a Julius K9 harness as we’d heard great things about them…Kasper managed to break the buckle by picking it up ONCE hoping to use it as a tug toy XD

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