Early adventures

We’ve readjusted (read: f*cked up!) our sleep pattern, which has one fantastic advantage: we can walk the dogs when everybody else is asleep!

Our standard 45 – 80 minute walk takes us along a country road that has no pavement. There’s a wide marshland by the road after about 20 minutes, with pools of water and lots of sniffs. The dogs get to walk on their longline, and if the tide’s in even get to go swimming!

It’s a nice walk. It’s interesting for the dogs, and because it’s right by a road we shouldn’t have to worry about off-lead dogs rushing Zoey. After being attacked by other dogs several times, she now shows her belly when other dogs approach her. We’re working on counter conditioning and playing LAT, but for now we could do without off-lead dogs charging her!

Over the river there’s an even better walk. We’ve never been able to take either of our dogs there. We see lots of off-lead dogs being walked there. I don’t have a problem with dogs being walked off-lead, but many of these dogs are clearly out of control, near farmer’s fields holding sheep and we’ve seen a scary number of reactive / aggressive dogs running free there. We’ve also witnessed quite a few scuffles and fights. So we avoid it with our two.

That is, until we found ourselves awake at 4:30am 🙂

We headed out with Zoey and my nice camera to explore the unknown. We were 15 minutes from the house when I tried to take my first photo…my camera had 25% battery. When my camera has 25% battery or less, it doesn’t let you take photos. Fantastic. Even more annoying, I had used it the evening before and it had full battery. $*^£*!!

So my partner, bless him, took the camera and ran back home whilst I stood and waited in the dark with Zoey – she was NOT happy about this! He brought his mobile back with him, so I was able to get some (terrible quality and blurry) photos 🙂

We set off just before 5am and it was pitch black


As we crossed the bridge and passed the farm the sky was gradually lightening


We discovered a wide concrete path running alongside fields of sheep, and some huge puddles for Zoey to paddle through


We reached the stock car pit. Zoey was fascinated by a portaloo, which made her look somewhat tiny 🙂


Looking toward the stock car track. See the thrashing blurry white blob? That would be Zoey flailing on her back on the concrete…


Once we passed the stock car track there was just a vast expanse of marshland. It was beautiful! It went on as far as the eye could see.


The mountain in the background is the one we used to live right next to


We carried on walking and stumbled across some cliffs. Climbing one we discovered a beach! A proper beach with rocks, shells, sand and sea! Unfortunately we couldn’t make our way down to it because there was quite a sheer drop – and I couldn’t even get a good photo because the wind was so fierce it almost blew the phone away!


Zoey had the time of her life! She almost completely ignored the treats I offered her in the excitement of exploring somewhere new. She couldn’t resist giving her daddy kisses though 😉


And on the home stretch the world was completely light by 6:30am.


It was an awesome walk. A certain puppy-girl was knackered afterwards 😛


We’re planning to take Kasper on a very similar walk early tomorrow morning; we’ve found a circular route that takes us to the same place but follows a different path there. I’m willing to bet he’ll have a whale of a time, and even better the battery for my camera is fully charged 😉


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