Summer has arrived!!

I was ill all yesterday, which sucked as it was the first sunny day we have had in yonks. But I was stuck indoors hiding behind closed curtains, with Kasper on one side and Zoey on the other.

Today I feel much better, and best of all it was another sunny day!

I didn’t get to sleep until 5:30am, so my partner walked Kasper around noon on his own. Then, when it was a little cooler (as Zoey is rubbish in the sun), we took her out. She had the time of her life!

We did a really dull walk; just to the football field, up to check if the evil horse is still in the field (it was), then along some streets to see the chickens and back home. We were out all of 20 minutes, but I forgot quite how much the sun pooped Zoey out! She is knackered now, and all sprawled out on her side next to me 🙂

After only getting one walk late at night yesterday, Zoey was actually eager to get out…she was even a little bit excited, despite the fact she knew we had to get the dreaded harness on!


Even though it was 4:30pm, the sun was still *really* warm.


Being the lovebug that she is, as I was snapping pics my partner bent down to say hi to the block headed puppy. She climbed halfway onto his lap and began lathering his face up with kisses, then stayed there and used him as a lookout post!


Walking up to the horse field she passed teenagers playing football and a wire mesh fence holding chickens and geese. She didn’t so much as look at them. I have no idea how she got to be so calm around chickens, she hadn’t met them until we moved into this house…I can only guess it’s thanks to those first puppyhood walks passing so close to ducks and geese on the canal!

Where I get my chicken fix!!


One person made a clicking noise to Zoey as a way of saying hello, and that was it. She stared after him longingly, wagging her tail, and then every person after that she made puppy-dog eyes at and hoped they’d say hello! Such a doofus 🙂


On the way back across the field and the park we extended her lead to about 10 foot so she had room to sprint. She was so joyfully happy 🙂


And then she found something stinky and dead to roll on / in…really perfects a good walk, ya know?


And my almost-favourite part of the walk, when we got back…I got to see that glorious STAFFY SMILE! 😀


I bloody love this dog 🙂


My parents are driving up so we can have tea tonight. My dad has promised to say hi to not just one of the pups, but both. At the same time. It’s gonna be…wild XD

He did ask for it though, he even said “bring it on”! And I’ll have plenty of hotdog on hand to (try) manage the dogs excitement (aka Zoey)…so hopefully there won’t be too much nomming of fingers and hanging off sleeves…! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Summer has arrived!!

  1. Zoey is just the cutest, sweetest pup!! I love that big happy smile. 😀 Daisy is like Zoey – she poops out in the heat right away. Sometimes she even refuses to go out!

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