I don’t know what’s wrong with her today but Zoey, who’s usually our laziest dog, is absolutely wired!

Normally Zoey spends most the day sleeping. If left undisturbed she will sleep all morning until early afternoon, then she gets a 40 – 60 minute walk and spends most the evening sleeping too! If Kasper doesn’t bug her to play she will often sleep right up until her night walk, which lasts about 30 – 40 minutes.

Not today -__-

She’s been obsessing over my partner, following him around the room and jumping up at him. Every time I smile at her she barrels into me and tries to start a play fight (note to self – no more smiling!) and for once it is Zoey bugging a snoozy Kasper to play!

Thankfully I have something on my side; these (really bizarre looking) liver treats are just about the only thing that can keep her still at the moment!


Every time I go somewhere, Zoey is there staring back at me, begging me to play!


Hi Zoey!


Oh hello again Zoey…

Unfortunately we can’t really play with Zoey. She doesn’t like carrying toys in her mouth, so fetch and tug are out of the question. I love rough housing with her, but she gets too excited and forgets that she’s not supposed to bite our hands! So instead of play (which she gets to do with Kasper) we crack out the treats for some exhausting training!

Our most tiring tricks are:

  • ‘Find it’ – this makes Zoey use her sniffer! I put her in a ‘wait’ on the couch, and place 5 – 10 stinky treats all around the living room. Once I’m done Zoey gets the “find it!” cue and leaps from the couch to try discover all the treats. She loves this game and her tail wags non-stop whilst we play – too cute! 🙂
  • The doggy press-up – this really helps tucker Zoey out! We begin in a standing position, then go to a sit, then to a lie down, to a stand, to a sit, to a lie down…over and over and over again! The faster we do it the more fun it is 😀
  • Jumping up and off furniture
  • The ‘touch’ game – hold our hand out and ask Zoey to “touch” it with her nose; as soon as her nose touches our fingertips we toss a treat all the way across the room so she has to sprint after it and reset her position. Then we can ask her to “touch” again! We also play this with our target stick.

And, if she’s still wired, we run through our general obedience tricks too.

Here’s both pups doing a down stay:


Zoey is sleeping now (finally!) which of course means Kasper has woken up and decided it’s time to play…damnit! 😛


4 thoughts on “Wired

  1. I don’t understand it. There are days when I would swear Stitch has gotten into the coffee even though I keep it on a high shelf. He won’t play at all ever… Only with other dogs. My only option is a walk and then another walk and after that maybe a walk.

    It’s a good thing the little wanker is adorable.

    • Ugh Zoey had another crazy hyper night last night…I don’t know what has gotten into her!! We did a whole hour of training and find it games and she STILL would not rest – and we couldn’t even take her for a walk because it was raining and the little booger is scared of the rain!!

      You’re last sentence – SPOT ON! 🙂

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