Shopping Spree!

We had an appointment to go to in town today so decided to do a little shopping afterwards.

In TK Maxx we found some beautiful metal storage bins designed to keep your dog’s kibble in. I’ve been looking for an easy access storage bin to hold kibble for ages, so I immediately fell in love with them! There was a small one (I’m guessing it would hold about 4kg of kibble) and a larger one. We checked the price on the smaller one and it was for sale at a whopping £17!

However the larger bin didn’t have a price on, so my partner went and asked at the till. For the larger bin, which was double the size of the smaller one, they sold it to us for £12…I don’t think that makes any sense, but it made me very happy! 🙂


We also bought a really sappy wooden plaque that reads…


Of course there should be an ‘S’ on the end! 😉

The pups also got plenty of dental sticks and jerky to go in their ‘sweet treats’ jar, where we keep all of our larger dog treats. We also bought some filled soft marrow bones for them, too…I’m not sure how much Zoey will like them as she’s generally not a fan of soft marrow bones. Kasper, of course, will eat anything!


Jar for larger dog treats

And here’s Zoey’s evening meal; soaked and warmed kibble with a lovely smattering of natural yoghurt, with powdered seaweed in the form of Plaque Off sprinkled on top!



7 thoughts on “Shopping Spree!

  1. We have a store here called Home Goods that also carries cute things like that. I keep meaning to go back and check them out – dog food out of a pretty tin is so much nicer than a bag! Great buys!

    • Haha thanks! Yes, we usually have several big bags of kibble dotted around our kitchen – loads nicer in a cute tin!

      Hope you find some great bargains 😀

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