Dog and Bunny Treats!

We were in town for an appointment today, and afterwards we had a browse around some shops. I spotted this book (‘Canine Cuisine’) for just £1.99!


It’s a really cute book with some healthy, simple and easy to make recipes in. Most of the recipes only have 3 – 5 ingredients, which I love.


And the finished products looked great – although I’m not sure ours will turn out looking quite so good! 😉


They also had an allergen-free section for dogs with allergies or sensitive tummies…


It seems like a really nice little book, and I’m eager to try out some of their recipes.

Also I’ve been doing some training with Iden, our Mini Lop x Lionhead rabbit. So far he knows to poop and pee in his litter tray, come when I click my fingers, and sit still when I touch his back.

Well, I’m now working on him standing on his hind legs when asked! This is an incredibly cute trick, and one he picked up immediately. We had one 10 second training session last night, and the video is from our training session today…as you can see he is already offering the behaviour willingly. Such a clever bun!

(please ignore Zoey’s whining and our recycling in the background!)

I’m very impressed with Iden! He’s always so eager to learn and, for a bunny, he doesn’t have too much of a stubborn streak.

I used tiny chopped pieces of dried apple to train him. It’s great as you can cut them as small as you like, Iden finds them very reinforcing and they’re soft so he eats them quickly!


In other good news I’ve been taken off my medication that gives me uncontrollable jitters! This means that, in about a week’s time, my jitters should have disappeared completely…considering I’ve been living with them for two and a half years this is major news! They doubled my other anti-psychotic, which has made me super tired, but it’s so worth it 😀

Happy Thursday everybody; I have a fantastic blog planned for tomorrow (hopefully!) about what that little monster Zoey got up to in her crate the other night… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Dog and Bunny Treats!

  1. That looks a great book! I cook all my dogs meals and treats as my male dog is extremely fussy! He was blind when born but has his full sight now but he still has to sniff something over and over again before trying it. When I first got him I literally had to spoon feed him or he wouldn’t of eaten for days! I spoke to my vet about it and he said it was because I was spoon feeding him that he wouldn’t eat which I do understand and I also understand that some dogs don’t need to eat every day but when he would go a week not eating you’ve got to try something which is when I would spoon feed but since starting to cook their meals and treats I only have this problem once a week at most! So I’m always on the hunt for new recipes so much so that I even wrote a doggy cook book for a dog charity that I volunteered for, to raise funds for the dogs. My male gets bored of the same recipes very easily and will revert to not eating so I’m constantly have to change it up for him, my female will eat anything and everything but she does prefer home cooked meals – they eat better than I do lol!

    • I would love to home cook food for both my dogs, especially Zoey as she is quite a fussy eater. We’ve tried adding all sorts to her kibble and she’ll eat it for a few days, then get bored and we have to try something different!!

      Zoey sometimes goes a day or so without eating, but I can’t imagine how worrying it must be having a dog who doesn’t eat for a week!

      If you have any tips or recipes for home cooked meals for dogs I’d be very interested 😀

  2. A good rule of thumb is 40% protein, 50% vegetables and 10% starch. I have even made the kibble from scratch but it was time consuming shaping them small enough! I had concocted so many recipes that I wrote a dog cook book for a charity I volunteered with. Good basics are meat stew any meat of your choice with carrots, peas, brown rice or brown pasta. Both mine love a slice of meatloaf as well. As long as you don’t put any toxic foods into the recipe you can use human recipes and add in things like bone meal, kelp, flaxseed and parsley. Just never put in onions,leeks,grapes,raisins if you do a Google search you will get lists of foods that are toxic for dogs, some things are obvious like chocolate and alcohol but a lot you wouldn’t think of. I just found this website and if you search dog treats or meals you will get a huge number of recipes. It’s handy to make big portions at a time and freeze so you have it to hand when needed. If you decide to try it I’d be interested in you and your dogs opinion of it 😉

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