The good, the bad and the nosy!

We’ve had an odd day today!

We were on a walk with Kasper and, as usual, were walking him on the wide grassy verge along side a road. The road isn’t particularly busy, but the cars fly along it and there isn’t a pavement. The verge is about 20 feet wide and, as the tide sweeps up onto the ground, it’s always full of interesting sniffs and dead things to snaffle! 😉

Across the river there’s also a path, and a woman was walking there with her three dogs. Interestingly two of her dogs were on lead and one was off. She stared at us for a long time, and we weren’t quite sure why, it was rather bizarre. She then yelled across “Why isn’t she off-lead? Your dog should be off-lead!”


First of all, Kasper’s a boy *sigh* But I can forgive her making that mistake; most people do. What I don’t understand is why she felt the need to stick her inordinately large nose into somebody else’s business…

There are many reasons why people choose to walk their dogs on lead. Here’s why Kasper is on a lead on his walks, for example:

1) We were right next to a road!!

2) Although Kasper has fairly good recall, he runs large distances from us and would definitely have been zigzagging over the road causing countless accidents

3) Kasper has a huge prey drive and lives to chase animals, be it rabbits, deer or sheep. There are several farmers’ fields holding livestock on our walk with poor fencing; I’d hate Kasper to get shot by a farmer whilst chasing sheep, all because we let him off his lead!

4) And, finally, we keep him on lead because it’s better for his health. When he’s off-lead he runs like a crazy dog, and we were forever taking him to the vet to have his wounds patched up.

At one point we were making weekly visits to the vets for deep cuts on his paws, nails torn off and a  repeatedly sliced tongue! I’ll also never forget the time he managed to cut an artery, sheesh…Well, since having walks on a longline he hasn’t injured himself once 🙂

For other people their dogs might be walked on lead for training reasons, such as a lack of recall or reactivity to other dogs or people. There are SO many reasons why dogs may need to be walked on a lead, that it is so stupid to say “let her off”…what if Kasper had been highly aggressive to other dogs? What if I’d let him off lead and he’d run right over and bit her dogs?!

Stupid woman…and there’s the boggling point that two of her dogs were on lead too??

Oh well, rant over!

Both our pups are doing great, I’ve had to add some new tricks to their trick list. I can’t keep up with all the things they’re learning! Kasper now gives excellent kisses when I ask “Kiss?”, although sometimes they can be a little forceful!!

And we bought another blanket the other week. Guess who has been having the time of her life snuggling up in it?!




It’s funny how lazy Zoey is compared to Kasper. She really is a medium energy dog, which is strange for a young terrier. She’s always been laid back though, even as a puppy. We give her an hour long walk in the morning and a 40 minute walk right before bed…and that’s it! She’s more than happy to sleep all day!

Kasper, who also spends a decent amount of the day sleeping, differs in that he’s always ready to leap up and *do* something. He’s almost 5 years old now (which I can’t believe!) and yet he has far more energy than 2 year old Zoey!

Here he is asking for attention…


We have a busy few weeks coming up. Next week we have plans to see our friends from Yorkshire; twice in one week! We haven’t seen them since last summer so it’ll be really great to meet up with them again, I can’t wait 🙂


6 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the nosy!

  1. That was a very stupid thing to say about walking Casper on a lead! We all know what is safe for our own pets and don’t need that kind of help. Have a great week meeting up with friends – funny how it goes about not seeing them for ages and then along some two buses in a row 😉

    • I agree, it’s frustrating when people think they know what’s best for your dog. And thank you very much, I can’t wait for next week 😀

  2. I don’t blame you for walking him on a leash right next to a road. I can’t believe she was walking one of her dogs OFF leash!! Did you point any of those reasons out to her? Or just ignore her stupid question completely?

    And your pictures (the subjects too, of course) are absolutely adorable.

    • I kind of gawped at her in disbelief and my partner (who was already in a bad mood- man flu 😉 ) shouted back, “We’re right next to a busy road, so he’s not going off lead. I’m not a moron!” XD

      Thank you 😀

  3. You shouldn’t even have to explain yourself about why he was on lead! I’ve heard lots of complaints about dogs being off lead that shouldn’t be, I’ve probably complained myself, but on lead?!
    It’s one of those scenarios where you think of a million things you could of said as you walk away, but then most of them are better left unsaid!

    • I know, it was utterly bizarre! I’ve seen countless dogs who shouldn’t be off lead…but when did people have a problem with dogs being ON lead?! Haha, thank you 🙂

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