Greenlands Farm Village, a good day out!

Today we went to Greenlands Farm Village in Carnforth for the second time.

It was actually free entry today (I think it’s usually about £5 per person) and is so until 13th February. Considering I didn’t think it was quite worth the entry fee last time, I was happy to get in for free! Don’t get me wrong I’m willing to pay a little, it’s a good little farm…but there’s a farm of a similar size (possible a little larger) in Yorkshire, and it’s free all year round, so…

Regardless it makes for a fun day out. There are plenty of animals there, and the staff are very willing to get them out so they can be handled, which is fantastic for animals and visitors alike. Today we fussed over rabbits of varying sizes, turkeys and chickens. We actually got to hold at length a group of degus and a chinchilla, and we got to feed an array of four legged fuzzballs including sheep, goats and pigs!

There were a few times I was uncomfortable on the animals’ behalf…one time a child picked up a Netherland Dwarf rabbit by the neck, yikes! The parents stupidly didn’t stop the child, but neither did the staff. The guinea pigs were also put on a bench so that guests could pet them. Well, one guinea pig trundled off the edge and thwumped to the floor!! And for guinea pigs, any drop can be painful as their legs are so stubby. The group of Frizzle chickens were also kept in a pretty small shack, which made me sad to see.


The Frizzle enclosure

On the whole though I was very impressed. The staff obviously cared a great deal about the animals, and were more than happy to chat about them. At one point a small child grabbed one of the baby goats and lifted it around the stomach, and a staff member did gently ask them to put it down.

There’s also a cafe, farm shop and really awesome crazy golf course on site. The crazy golf is just £1 per person, and great fun!

As ever, I got lots of photos to share 😉


The beautiful peacock


This Frizzle hen was actually pretty tame, and willing to hang about on the bench 🙂



This chinchilla had a huge enclosure and was very happy to be handled



Feeding the sheep in the paddocks



And my favourite animal on the farm!



6 thoughts on “Greenlands Farm Village, a good day out!

    • I love turkeys too, I think they’re awesome 🙂

      And my partner really wants geese in the future. There are three geese that always charge at us when we walk Zoey and hiss and honk at her…I shoot them irritated glances whilst my partner coos over them!! XD

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