Ruffwear Front Range Harness – it’s here!

I know I said I’d post about our pet shop spoils today, but…Kasper’s harness arrived! Despite only being shipped yesterday!





I was so excited 🙂

It took a while to get the sizing right, which is why in one of the pics with Kasper wearing it, the harness is pulled to the side a little. But we got there in the end!

I love this harness; it has a standard clip to attach the lead to on the back, and one on the front as well. The colours are simply amazing, the harness looks great and feels sturdy, and I love the look of the D clip on the back. Ruffwear have also added several reflective strips, making walks in the dark that much safer.

The harness also comes with a hidden velcro pocket that you can attach your dogs’ tags to. I’m not sure how I feel about this – I kinda like my dogs’ tags to be very visible, that way should the lead snap and the dog gets lost, people can find our information easily. For now I’ve just attached Kasper’s main tag to the front clip, seeing as we won’t be using it, and his posh ‘special occasion’ tag is in the hidden pocket.

Kasper was fantastic having the harness put on and taken off, but then again he is the complete opposite of Zoey and doesn’t mind wearing anything or having things put over his head. He didn’t mind wearing the harness at all, so I can only imagine it’s comfortable, and as soon as I was done getting the sizing right he settled down to chew an antler wearing it 🙂


Hey handsome!



We took Kasper on a walk in the harness, and it didn’t rub him at all. He walked normally and, even when he pulled at the start of the walk, he didn’t make any choking noises as the harness doesn’t sit too near his throat. Kasper splashed through plenty of muddy puddles but the harness wiped clean afterwards (to be honest it didn’t even need that) and is already pretty much dry. It seems like a great harness 🙂

And here’s Zoey in her harness so she isn’t left out 😉



12 thoughts on “Ruffwear Front Range Harness – it’s here!

    • Thank you, we think it’s a great harness so far; very well designed.

      We have a Zoey too, we even spell her name the same way! 🙂

  1. Hi!
    I’m wondering – which size of this harness do you have for your dog? I heard that sizing is a little bit confusing – you buy harness like Ruffwear say in official information but it turnes to be smaller?!…

    • We bought Kasper the M size (he measured 72cm, and the M is 69 – 81cm). It was tricky fitting it correctly, but once we managed it the harness fit perfectly and we haven’t had to adjust it since that first day.

      Everywhere I’ve read says that if your dog is between sizes, to choose the smaller size over the larger.

      If in doubt, could you email the seller and ask for any advice? Good luck and I hope it fits, it’s a great harness 🙂

      • Thank you so much!
        If your dog is between sizes, choose the smaller size – I read that on Ruffwear’s website, but three of my friends were in that situation and the smaller size was too small, so that’s why I search for other opinion 🙂

      • Oh what a nightmare! Could you email the seller and ask if it didn’t fit they would exchange it?

        I suddenly feel very lucky that Kasper fell easily in a size bracket!!

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    • Thanks. We really loved this harness for quite a while but then several new ones (and the free replacements they sent) literally fell apart within weeks :/

      We swapped to the DC Short harness and that’s held up great though, and for the smaller pups we tend to use EzyDog Quick Fits for now 🙂

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