Friday Fight!

Zoey learnt something new today *huge grin* 😀

For ages I have been trying to fade my massive, over-exaggerated hand signal for ‘lie down’. I’ve been trying this since she was about 16 weeks old!!

With Kasper I casually point a few fingers to the floor and he will drop. With Zoey I had to do a fantastic sweeping arc from chest height to the floor, along with saying “lie down”. I don’t know what happened today, but we had a lightbulb moment 😀

I have now faded the hand signal to a tiny little karate chop, and Zoey immediately falls into a lying position. No words necessary. Hurray! Finally!

We visited one of our favourite pet shops today, and my partner let me buy some exciting new things for the pups. My mood has crashed, so I think he’s feeling sorry for me 😉 I got some awesome things, including a new clicker. I already have about ten clickers (I’ve lost half of them though!) but this new one is really easy to hold in the palm of your hand, and is just the perfect volume…some clickers are too loud. It was quite expensive (over £3) but I love it and will try my best not to lose it!

I’ll post about the other awesome things we got tomorrow 🙂

And finally here come the pics…these really illustrate part of the story of how Kasper and Zoey play. The only thing that was missed was the very first part of the routine, where Zoey sidles up to Kasper (who is no doubt resting) and shoves her bottom in his face!!!

This immediately gets Kasper up, and he quickly grabs onto Zoey’s neck and proceeds to gently rag her about. This is the part where Zoey gives me a look of disdain, as if to say she’s not actually the one who started it at all!


“Guys, he’s doing it again…”

When she realises we’re not going to leap to her rescue, she begins fighting back, usually grabbing onto Kasper’s luscious mane and giving as good as she gets 🙂


After a good, rough play session Zoey will saunter away and Kasper will begin playing with me. I think he does this on purpose to make Zoey jealous, which it always does, so she stands a little distance away and makes the most hilarious noises ever…sort of like a bark, but it lasts for about 20 seconds and sounds like she’s talking!


Once she has Kasper’s attention, they continue with their wrestling until they’re all tuckered out. Then, finally, it’s chill time! Sometimes they get like over-tired toddlers, and get so over-excited calming down is not an option…that’s when we have to step in and either pop someone in their crate for a nap or do some training to cool everything off 🙂


Mr Chill

It’s rare the fighting ever deviates from this plot, unless Kasper is the initiator. Does your pup/s have a particular play routine? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Friday Fight!

  1. Either Zoey thought that OMD, with that wild brandishing, you meant ‘lie’, or she also felt that your mood changed and wanted to cheer you up with a special gift 🙂
    Brilliant report and pics, especially the second photo – although I couldn’t say which body part belongs to which of your doggies 🙂

    • Haha, I can believe that, Zoey loves to make me happy 🙂

      Thank you! Yes, when the fight they often become a tangle of limbs!!

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