A big hike!

So you might remember in yesterday’s post I said we wouldn’t be doing a big hike until Kasper’s new harness arrived…well today IT SNOWED! Meaning of course we had to get out and have fun in it 🙂

We’ve lived here for over two years now and this is the first time we have had a substantial amount of snow. Oh how we loved it!

It was unfortunately timed, as we’d planned to take Zoey on an extra-long dog walk today. We got her out just as it started snowing, and Zoey has decided she hates snow. Cue tail tuck, cowering, looking extra miserable and hiding under bushes…we had her out for about five minutes before we decided it was too cruel and brought her home!

You can see her looking pathetic in this video:

(apologies for the terrible shaking, it’s the akithisia…)


“Guys I’m so miserable…”

The funny thing is that as a puppy, growing up in Yorkshire where there is a lot of snow, Zoey didn’t mind it at all. Then she had a year off, forgot all about it, and now hates it with a passion!

After bringing Zoey home we swapped her for Kasper, who LOVES snow!

We headed out on a massive hike and all really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to the hotdog…


…I even got a photo of Kasper sitting beautifully in the snow!


And some other pics too!






It’s all busy melting now, but our area has a yellow snow warning, so you never know we might get to enjoy more yet!


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