Happy pups, happy me

I’m always happiest when my pups are happy too. When they’re content and happy, so am I…especially when Zoey is snuggled on my lap and Kasper by my side!

We’ve made a special effort recently to give Kasper bigger and better walks. When I’m ill, exercising two dogs is rough. I’m ashamed to say a lot of the workload falls onto my partner; he’s the one who does all Kasper’s walks and one of Zoey’s too. I feel pretty crummy about that. I feel even worse when Kasper only gets one proper walk a day, and spends the evening eyeballing me with those puppy-dog eyes!

Now my mood has calmed (thanks for raising my meds again guys! 😀 ) I’m back to being able to join my partner on dog walks. Even better, Kasper is back to getting his two walks a day. Yay!

The result? Look at this happy face!


Seeing this makes me SO happy!

And I’ve gotten back around to doing training every day with the pups too – here’s Zoey waiting patiently in her crate whilst I work on leg weaves and leave its with Kasper!


We have a big hike planned for Kasper at some point soon. It will take us all the way up to and through town, out past it, along the canal, then across the canal & into farmer’s fields and, finally, to woodland. I just know Kasper is going to love it and, after a 2+ hour hike he’d better be tired! 😉

The plan was to do the hike this week, but today we ordered him a new harness *excited happy dance*

I’ve been drooling over this harness for months and, seeing as Kasper’s Julius K9 broke and Kasper’s wearing his old EzyDog harness, I got the go ahead to buy it! It’s the Ruffwear Front Range harness, and we ordered it in pacific blue. It usually costs £40 – £45 with postage, and we bought it at about £35 (including postage!) from K9 Active. I can’t wait for it to arrive!!

So now the hike has been stalled until the new harness arrives, that way I can do a new harness AND new hike pic fest 😉

Finally, here is Kasper after his evening walk, snuggled on the couch and looking solemn!




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