Kasper the grump

Kasper is one of the grumpiest dogs I have ever met.

Not only does he resource guard toys from Zoey (and by toy I mean scraps of cardboard and paper, too!), but he also resource guards high value edibles from us, namely raw bones. Thankfully he doesn’t get these anymore as they have a tendency to make our dogs sick (they snap off and swallow huge chunks). He did used to RG rawhides, but we counter conditioned him to us being near him…and now he will chew them on our laps, leaving a lovely gooey area, fantastic! 😉

As well as that, about a year ago, he used to grumble when we asked him to go into his crate ~ when I say grumble, I mean he communicates his displeasure, but it’s not anywhere near a growl. We worked out the kinks by making him feel happier in his crate through training, always giving him a stuffed Kong, and upgrading him to a larger crate also seemed to help.


As he’s matured he’s also much more willing to grumble at dogs that approach rudely, are all in his face, or constantly try to play with him when he’s doing something else. That one’s a total positive 😉

However, what Kasper grumbles most at is if people disturb him when he’s sleeping. If I roll over in the night and bump into him, I earn myself a soft grumble. If Zoey even walks near him when he’s sleeping, cue grumble!

Which is why I was extremely shocked to see both dogs sleeping like this the other day 😀


I saw how it happened; Zoey has always wanted to sleep curled by her brother, she’s a real snugglebug. But he never lets her. So what she did was pretend to play with him – our pups always stand over the other and chew on the others’ neck, so that’s exactly what she did…then slowly,  ever so slowly, she lowered her body until she was lying on top of him, and fell asleep!! XD


Hilarious and very cute, even if it did only last ten minutes before Kasper kicked her off 🙂


8 thoughts on “Kasper the grump

    • Ahaha totally…well, either counter conditioned or bullied, she’s been trying for years to force Kasper to snuggle!

      Thank you 😀

  1. Love it. Dogs can be hilarious. Yesterday Bert was barking and growling at something outside so I rushed out, expecting at least a lion up the hill. What I found was a grey plastic bag full of air tumbling slowly over our path. When I went across and snatched and crushed it, Bert leaped backwards in horror…

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