New digs for Iden!

So we had been keeping Iden in an indoor rabbit cage which was way too small for him. It was a Ferplast 120, and there just wasn’t much room to hop!


We ordered an XXL dog crate, which was the largest size we could find! Yes, it’s even bigger than Kasper’s, and he has a ginormous crate. Idie’s crate arrived on Monday, but we had to wait until today to set it all up as we ordered some matting to go on the floor of the crate, too.

In addition to the floor, we also put some of the matting underneath the metal base of the crate, between the base and the bars. That way it muffled the dreadfully loud clang everytime Iden hopped somewhere!


And then we added a layer on top of the base


Look at my partner being all handy XD

Then we added all Iden’s bits and bobs!

His new cage is so large that we can fit an extra hidey hole in there for him, so he now has his green igloo and a cat carrier, which he loves. We upgraded him to a larger water bowl, too.


And hopefully, some how, we will be able to attach a run onto it as well! 🙂



4 thoughts on “New digs for Iden!

    • Thanks! Of course the little sod has already begun chewing the flooring, so we’re having to rethink that, but otherwise he loves it! 😀

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