Five Nights At Freddy’s 2!

So it’s been a long time coming…


but Five Nights At Freddy 2 has been played!

If you missed my Five Nights At Freddy’s blog, read it here!

I LOVE the first FNAF game; it’s possibly my favourite-est game of all time. So I was really nervous when Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 was released; would it live up to my expectations?? I watched Markiplier play it and, even though everywhere I read people loved it, I just…wasn’t impressed :/

The new ‘toy’ animatronics weren’t scary. The game was radically different; there were no doors, there were vents, there were more cameras, there were more animatronics….

And then I bought my partner it for Christmas, and we played it, and IT’S A GREAT GAME!

I think I still prefer the first one, but it’s a close call! I also think the second game is easier than the first – has anybody else found this? We were stuck forever on the second night of the first game, yet beat the first three nights of the second game without dying…could just be us though 🙂

The criteria of the game is still the same; you are a nightwatchman at a pizzeria and must survive until 6am.



However there are no doors now; you have to rely on flashing a torch and wearing a Freddy mask to save yourself. And there are a few more animatronics roaming the facility…how many? Oh, only ten in total!!

We have the old animatronics: Chica, Bonnie (who is a boy apparently, so I apologise for referring to him as her in my last blog!), Freddy and Foxy.

Chica is undeniably my favourite animatronic 🙂


But we also have:

Balloon Boy – an annoying addition; if he gets into the main office before you scare him away, he stands in the corner giggling. He also stops any of your lights from working, and there’s no way to get rid of him…

Mangle – Mangle is my favourite of the new animatronics, and rates highly overall. S/he was apparently made to look more friendly than Foxy, to keep the toddlers entertained…but they kinda destroyed her! So now she’s in the pizzeria as a ‘break it and put it back together’ attraction. She’s pretty damn creepy, especially when hanging from the roof of the office 😀


Balloon Boy and Mangle

The Puppet – this was an interesting addition; the Puppet lives in the prize corner of the pizzeria, and really won’t bother you…unless you don’t keep the music box wound up! You wind the box by going to the prize corner cam and clicking+holding the box. Obviously it can be quite hard to do when everybody else is bothering you as well 🙂


Oh hi Mangle!

Then, finally, we have the ‘toy’ versions of Chica, Bonnie and Freddy.

I don’t particularly like these guys. I don’t find them scary or creepy at all, and don’t really see the point in them.


Toy Chica and Freddy with Bonnie between them

The first night was really easy; we just sailed through it. I think on the second night BB became active (?), and from the third night on Mangle has been a nightmare to contend with!

One of the things I don’t like about FNAF2 is that when the animatronics kill you, they don’t move…it’s just a still image that moves towards you. I just don’t find it as realistic or scary as the deaths on the first one. However I love the fact that the noises in this game actually mean something…there’s the scrapey-metal noise when someone’s entering the hallway, the banging noise of someone in the vent, BB’s giggle or childlike speech and Mangle’s grudge-like croaking. Awesome 🙂

Overall I really, really like this game. I do stand by it not being quite as good as the first, and definitely not as scary. But definitely worth a play.


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