Wrapping paper everywhere

Kasper and Zoey’s new tags arrived just in time for Christmas, but I’m more than a little disappointed with them – is it just because I’ve fallen into a depressive episode, I wonder?

Basically we, both me and my partner, thought that the mittens / Let It Snow came attached to the tags…in actual fact they are just charms, so swing about willy nilly. Not a big deal really, but it means most the time the tag looks very plain and boring with just the dogs’ names on and nothing else – booo!

Could we super glue them on?!

Anyway…here is Kasper’s Christmas tag!


And here he is being ever so good whilst I take a photo of it on his paw 😀


And Zoey’s tag on her new harness 🙂


They’re still cute, right?

Zoey continues to do well with her harness training. Yesterday I slipped it over her head and left it around her neck for five seconds. She did awesome and wasn’t over threshold. How do I know? Because she was still eating treats! 😉 The next step is to clip one side of the harness and then, finally, fasten it properly whilst she’s wearing it! Eeek!

Almost all our Christmas shopping is done now, and all the gifts wrapped. I finished up the wrapping whilst both dogs were snoozing on the couch today, and they both did pretty well.

Used to be Kasper would steal any gifts I’d wrapped and open them every. single. time! I remember several Christmas’ ago I had wrapped one present three times already, and when Kasper unwrapped it the fourth time I just burst into tears!!

I don’t know why we didn’t just pop him in his crate with a Kong…

Thankfully he has matured since then, and got better at listening to me when I politely ask he goes away! And Zoey is far too lazy to get up off the couch haha, although she did come to investigate what I was doing towards the end. My partner was there to keep her away and be a nice distraction though 😉


Lazy Zoey!

Kasper has been lovely today, very snuggly but with some fun play wrestling in between! He has also settled lots in his favourite place ever – between my legs with his gawking face peering round at me!!


Who couldn’t love this boy?! 🙂


Finally, our ‘magic’ tree has grown! Here it is at the budding beginning and the end (see a previous post for how it looked at the very start!)



Everyone feeling festive yet?! Not long now!


6 thoughts on “Wrapping paper everywhere

    • Thank you, I think we will superglue the tags 😉

      And a Happy Christmas to you too, hope you all have a wonderful time 🙂

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