Props and snow!

It snowed the other night 🙂

Snow always turns back the clock and I become about 5 years old again; face smushed up against the window, begging anyone else in the house to take me out into the snow…it’s ridiculous! Back in Yorkshire where I grew up we would get snow several times a year, often leaving huge snow drifts in the field that were a good three foot deep. Snowball fights, snowmen building and sledging. Epic!


Me in a snow drift!

Where we live now, by the coast, we never get snow 😦

I went a whole winter last year with NO SNOW, and it wasn’t fun! I was expecting the same this year but, lo and behold, it snowed! It was really heavy, with huge thick snowflakes too, just beautiful. Of course it didn’t settle, but I didn’t mind that at all. Me, my partner and Zoey had a lovely midnight snow walk (which Zoey hated of course 😛 )



I also did some prop training with the pups today, too. It’s very rare that I take a photo of Kasper / Zoey with something, so it was really fun to work on! The pups were engaged, responsive and best of all loving every second! I made the impromptu photo shoot much harder by having both pups out and involved at the same time, but they did really well 🙂


Eager models!

First I had them sit and wait whilst I draped a dressing gown over them. I thought this would be easy for Kasper but a struggle for Zoey. Sure enough Kasper sailed through…


And so did Zoey!


There’s so much “squeee!” in this photo…


Next, because both our pups enjoy having their photos taken, I thought I’d position my admittedly small camera collection around them. This involved putting Kasper into a down, asking him to wait, and leave the cameras alone! I LOVE how this turned out ^__^


Of course as soon as the leave it was over, and Kasper had gotten his treat, he immediately began choosing which camera he liked best and tried to gnaw on it… 😛

Zoey didn’t like one of the cameras, and was especially uncomfortable with it touching her. Instead of placing them around her, I just had her sit and put them in a pile next to her. It’s a shame I couldn’t have had them surrounding her, as Zoey is a huge fan of having her photo taken, but I still like how the pic turned out, especially her shadow 🙂


And finally…


Yes Zoey, yes you are!


6 thoughts on “Props and snow!

    • Haha thanks 🙂 The snow didn’t stick around for very long, but Zoey hated it (she didn’t used to mind it as a puppy!) and Kasper adored it… 😀

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