This is the worst start to Christmas…


So our friend had a rare weekend off work, and we decided to go travelling on the train. A nearby town was having a special Christmas-themed day, with a market, tombolas, give-aways and a fair. We were excited!

Then, the night before we were due to go, my partner was sick 😦

Oh well, he felt better the following day, so we planned to go a day later then expected…then that night I was sick several times and vomited up blood!! Aaagh! What is with this December?! It suuuucks! XD

So we got me checked out and I’m fully recovered now (yay!) and as our friend had a day off today, we thought we’d try our trip again. Guess what? We get to the train station and a tree has blown down onto the track and ripped the power lines down…WHAT?! Are you kidding me??

So in the end we gave up 😛

And of course, in the process of walking to and from the train station we got absolutely drenched from the rain, and my jeans were wet up to my knees. Delightful, and so pleasant when you’ve recently been ill!

Thankfully I had two fuzzy lumps to come home to, and we had a bit of a modelling session 🙂


If Kasper looks a bit miserable here, it’s because he hasn’t been fed for 24 hours. See, whilst my partner was upstairs caring for me when I was ill, Kasper barged into the kitchen (as the stupid door doesn’t close properly) and stole a HUGE BLOCK of cheese from the kitchen counter. My partner then raced downstairs at top speed, only to watch helplessly as Kasper bit off half the block and swallowed it without chewing…Kasper then spent the next few minutes crying in pain and trying to crawl onto my partner’s lap, whilst we both panicked a ridiculous amount…seriously, what an idiot dog!

(he is completely fine now)

And in this pic, if you look just below Zoey’s eyes, you can see the scar from when she dived from the couch into a wooden chair as a young puppy, causing her head to bleed profusely!


And here they are being perfect models; I love these two photos most of all 🙂



On the plus side, Santa did ride past our house on his sleigh today and we all got to wave!! Was wonderful, if bizarre 😀


6 thoughts on “This is the worst start to Christmas…

    • Yes, and bless him Kasper was so very worried about us both when we were being sick…he stood in the corner shaking and I had to call him over and give him a hug! 🙂

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