Time to rest…

We had a really crappy start to the Christmas season with me going full-blown manic and experiencing psychotic symptoms. Not the best thing in the world 😛

Thankfully I have an amazing partner and GP. They talked to each other, my GP contacted somebody else, who then contacted somebody else, and they added another anti-psychotic to the cocktail of meds I’m taking. I’m still a little jumbled and speedy at the moment, but at least I’m coherent and got a little sleep last night.

We’ve been doing a lot of socialising, which can’t have helped things, but when my parents said they could come visit last weekend I was hardly gonna turn them down, I only get to see them once a month or so! They also brought with them some really cool dog treats, which the pups appreciated – obviously 😉


Kasper and Zoey have really, really enjoyed this selection of treats. They liked the tripe sticks best (probably because they absolutely STINK!) and the pork scratchings came in a close second. We did have to be careful feeding them these treats, as our dogs are useless at eating things…they tend to gulp down large chunks and either end up choking or being sick!! Thankfully we’ve managed to avoid it so far with these, *touch wood*


Awesome ingredients 🙂

Zoey made a BFF on her walk yesterday. An elderly man asked if she was friendly, and I said she was, if a bit excitable! He proceeded to love on her for the next ten minutes, fussing her, crooning to her and being kissed by her. Zoey was in her element, she loved it! Her whole body was one squirming mass of delight…in fact, for the rest of the walk anytime she saw a man with white hair she got highly excited because she thought it was him!

Other than their walks the pups have been pretty lazy these past few days. They have been sleeping everywhere in all positions, and haven’t even played much with each other! Don’t get me wrong, they’re still active and enjoying their treats, they’re just being calmer than usual…which is nice whilst I’m adjusting to a new med!

Some very chillaxed pup pics 🙂



It’s funny, Zoey NEVER sleeps on her back like this :


It’s definitely gotten colder today, in fact for the first time our ‘pond’ in the back garden has ice covering the top! There has been frost hanging around on pavements and grass all day too. This has lead Zoey to seeking warmth anyway she can and, when there isn’t a human to snuggle up with, a cushion will have to suffice 😉




9 thoughts on “Time to rest…

  1. So sorry about the bumps in your road. I know all about those… 😉
    The pics are awesome as always. I am really tickled by Kasper on his back. He looks exactly like my sweet Stitch. Glad Zoey made a new friend.

    • Bleh, I wish all roads could be smooth ones! 🙂

      Thank you – ah, Stitch lies on his back too! It’s one of Kasper’s favourite sleeping positions; strange that Zoey has never tried it!

  2. You know, Sammie likes to roll onto her back for some loving, but I’ve not seen her sleep like that – until I roll over at night! Sometimes, I think I see her sprawled out on her back fast asleep (but I’m blind and it’s dark so I never know FOR SURE). Hope you’re on the right track again!

    • Haha! The secret life of Sammie 🙂

      It’s so strange, I’ve never seen Zoey lie on her back at all, not even for belly rubs! After a walk when we come home and she rolls around madly trying to bite her feet, she’s occasionally on her back then, but never for more than a second!

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