The pups had a really lazy night the other night. I swear Zoey slept for 16 hours straight!

It got to about 11pm, and we were getting ready to take Zoey for her night walk. It’s imperative we do this as otherwise she has too much energy and will whine in her crate. Well, my partner poked his head out the door and it was TIPPING it down. And of course Zoey is scared of the rain. So!

We checked BBC weather and the heavy (more like torrential!) rain was supposed to carry on until 4am!! There was no way we were waiting around until that time, so we decided to sleep downstairs with both pups out. This was risky, as Kasper was feeling quite energetic and Zoey was minus a walk, so I was kinda expecting them to start playing and leap all over us as we slept!

But no, they settled straight down to bed, and Zoey stayed sleeping until mid afternoon the next day! Awesome 😉

I really would love to have both pups sleep in bed with us every night, but it’s just not plausible. Sometimes Kasper is a beast, and repeatedly bothers Zoey to play when she is trying her best to sleep (although I’m sure there is training we could put in place to stop that), but aside from that there’s really not room for all of us in bed…we don’t even have a full-size double bed haha!

My mood is very speedy today. I think it’s because of all the socialising we’ve been doing recently, it tends to be a trigger for a manic episode. At the moment I’m just feeling overly happy and energetic, and am wanting to acquire lots of new pets…always a very hard state for my partner who has to try and reason with me and convince me why it would be such a bad idea to adopt a third, fourth and fifth dog! I’m managing to annoy my partner lots, bless him, but hopefully the manic episode won’t go any further. I really need my med increasing again, as I keep having hypomanic blips at this dose…

Some photos of training the pooches!

Both pups doing a stay (no, I have no idea why Zoey looks so huge in this pic, she’s actually close to half Kasper’s size!)


And my partner doing some training, too. I actually love this photo, I like seeing the dogs so focused 🙂



2 thoughts on “Speeding

    • Ahaha could well be, I remember a photo I took of her as a puppy that would illustrate that point very well. She was sitting outside and her shadow was stretching out beside her, much larger than she was. I’ll have to try and dig it up…

      I truly believe she thinks of herself as a big dog 🙂

      Thank you very much, too.

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