The dogs do good!

We unexpectedly invited a friend, M, around yesterday.

We met him in town after walking a client’s dog, then brought him back to the house. We let Kasper out of his crate first, as he had been away longest, and introduced him to M in the house for the first time. Kasper was fantastic! He raced over to say hello to me, then ran at M with tail wagging full speed!

HeΒ adores M πŸ™‚

He went to him continuously for fuss, plonked his bum on M’s lap, shoved his head into M’s rucksack, stole M’s hat and was generally the life of the party πŸ˜› He did great after stealing the hat and, as M knew better than to try and take it back, I asked Kasper to bring it to me and he brought it right to my hand! ^__^

There were two humping episodes (from Kasper, obviously!), as meeting a stranger-ish person that you like is highly exciting for Kasper. But after an hour of wandering to M, trying to instigate play and trick-training with me, Kasper spent all his time out of his crate like this:


Zoey on the other hand was a pain in the arse!!

She did great in that there was no fear at all with M, but she’s never scared of strangers. She is, however, obsessed with them! We took her out for a walk with M to see if that would help her calm down around him – all she wanted to do the whole walk was jump up and maul him with love XD

When we got back to the house we kept her harness and longline on, and I kept her reeled in pretty close, away from M. Eventually, when she had calmed down ever so slightly (in that she had stopped straining towards M, wagging furiously, and whining continuously!) we let her say hello to him…


I so love her in this harness πŸ˜›

Can I just say that I think Zoey saying hello to M was the highlight of her whole life?

She LOVED it! Her tail was wagging so fast it literally was a blur, and if you got whipped by it, it hurt! She was making little happy noises, she chomped on his arms and M laughed, she smothered his face with kisses and M adored Zoey as much as she clearly adored him!


After half an hour of fun (seriously) I reeled her away again, did a little trick training (she actually did sit, paw and lie down WITH A VISITOR IN THE HOUSE!!) and then she was more than happy to lie on the couch and sleep under my dressing gown. She even stayed there whilst we all ate pizza!


So it was a good night and, even though the pups spent more time in their crates than usual, they’re still a little tired today from all the mental stimulation and excitement! πŸ™‚



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