Snarling Sunday

The dogs have had a mammoth play session today, and I managed to get some (pretty terrible) photos of them playing.

As usual Zoey was the instigator, and the play started with her sidling up to Kasper whilst he rested and shoving her bum right in his face!! She likes to add in a few tail wags too, so her tail irresistibly thwaps the side of his face…


And then play begun!



You can’t see me!



Kasper looking like he’s about to take off…!

It tired both pups out. They’ve only been getting small walks as yesterday both of them were sick! We have no idea why Zoey was sick, but Kasper ate a small piece of material whilst playing (‘drop it’ seemed to mean ‘eat it’…!) which he puked up all over Zoey’s new bed!! Lovely, just lovely…why must a new dog bed be peed or puked on in this house?!

For about a week now my mood has been getting lower and lower…now it’s in the pits 😦 I never expect it to go downhill as quickly as it does, it’s always a rather nasty surprise. I knew a depressive episode was coming as I’d been a bit manic just before, and a crash always comes after being overly happy…sod’s law 🙂

In an effort to cheer me up though, my partner (bless him) has said we can put the Christmas tree up extra early *happy dance* I’ll have pics to share, of course 😉


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