Muzzle Training Zoey

I think I mentioned on another post how much Zoey loves working on muzzle training – it’s still true!

The second basket muzzle we ordered for Kasper finally arrived today. It was an annoying design as there was no hole I could pass treats through to Kasper, which obviously makes muzzle training ten million times harder! So I used a soldering iron to cut away a piece of plastic, thus creating a ‘treat posting hole’!

I went to take a photo of my handiwork, and guess who appeared as if by magic?!


Now unfortunately Zoey’s stubby fat head doesn’t fit in this muzzle (hahaha!) so we have to use the slightly larger black muzzle to work with her. Even then her nose is too short to reach treats at the end of the muzzle, so I mark her for putting her head in, then she whips it out for her treat!


Zoey is actually amazing to muzzle train. She doesn’t just enjoy it, she loves it! She’s a lot easier to work with than Kasper, not that he’s doing badly at all.

When putting her head into the muzzle she’s very calm and controlled, and will wait in there a few seconds before I mark her. Kasper on the other hand shoves his head in at full speed, then yanks it out waiting for his goodie! This is why I need a treat post box, so I can reward him for being in the muzzle and for waiting in there.


Love the concentration on her face 🙂


Just to reiterate, Zoey doesn’t need a muzzle. She is in no way aggressive, to people or other animals. The only reason I am muzzle training her is because it’s fun for both of us and could come in handy in the future if she ever gets badly injured and is in enough pain to snap at us.

The reason we have two muzzles is actually for Kasper, who is fearful – but has never been aggressive – at the vets. Our new vet didn’t even want to see him unless he is muzzle trained.


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