Happy days

There has been a LOT of rain recently but, in between these periods of misery, there has been some beautiful sunny weather too. We’ve been having some really good walks.

To emphasise how much it has been raining, here’s a very sodden field and a flooded footpath…both are supposed to be dry 🙂


The sun is setting so early these days…


So many puddles!

Both pups were extremely lucky and got to go to the beach today as it was clear of other dogs.  Kasper was hilarious on his walk, I wish I’d taken my camera. I actually meant to but forgot, doh. At one point in the walk I said to my partner “Shall we let him paddle?” As soon as he heard those words Kasper leapt across the path, dragging my partner behind him on the other end of the lead, and dived into the water! It was brilliant!

He waded in and lay down in the water with it lapping his chin, which he loves, and even got chance to do a bit of swimming. Of course every puddle we passed after that he wanted to dive in, even if they were down a ravine!!

He was still soaked when we got back 🙂



But after a dry he was pretty much ready to settle down (in Zoey’s bed!)


Zoey got the same walk about an hour later and had a blast too.

She paddled


And posed


And proved that she can ‘sit’ when asked on a walk – great impulse control for Zoey!


She also found a huge block of sponge somebody had dumped there. She thought this was great and had a whale of a time ragging it and tearing chunks off…we did manage to move her along eventually, all I had to do was call her name and she came barreling over!


Oh, and a Kasper / cone update! He is now totally free of wearing the cone all the time we are with him 🙂 The only time he wears his cone is when he’s home alone or we’re asleep…other than that, no cone! Happy days 😀


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