Shadows & Sausages

The weather fooled us well and truly today. We went out in trainers and light (NOT waterproof) jackets. We completed walking our own dogs in the glorious sunshine, finished walking two other nearby dogs, then traveled further afield for the third…and it began to TIP IT DOWN!! πŸ˜€



We came home sodden!

We bought some cooked hotdog sausages today, as one of our client’s dogs isΒ terrified of us (and strangers in general). The first time we met the dog it wet itself and hid in the corner for half an hour. We sat on the floor as far away as possible, ignored the dog other than to throw treats to it, and offered up plenty of calming signals…didn’t work.

Today we went back armed with the hotdog sausages, sure that this would win the dog over…nope 😦 Poor thing was so scared of us it was sat on its’ bed drooling and panting and wouldn’t eat one piece of sausage, so we left and called it quits unfortunately.

This does mean, however, that our dogs get to eat lots of hotdogs πŸ˜‰


“Hotdogs, you say?!”

Zoey’s reaction was to stick to me like glue when she realised I had hotdogs! They pretty much had half a sausage each πŸ˜‰ The pups also got a chicken foot each along with their tea – Zoey ate hers immediately, Kasper not so much -__-

We’d been playing fetch with a rope toy just before he got it, so of course he had to run around the room growling at the chicken foot with the toy in his gob. Then he dropped the toy, picked up the chicken foot and proceeded to fling it all around the living room…this carried on forΒ twenty minutes before he finally settled down and ate the chicken foot!! He’s always so bizarre with high value items πŸ˜›

We had a terrifying experience the other night when Zoey’s lead came unclipped from her harness (!) whilst we were walking. It was horrible…she was off like a shot, disappearing in the darkness! My partner yelled “Her lead’s come off!” and I just dived into the treat bag for a handful of goodies and screamed “Zoey, heeeere!!!”

And she came immediately πŸ˜‰

I’m so glad this happened on a quiet street and not the main road. And that it was late at night. And that Zoey has such good recall!

Thankfully we had a spare lead in the dog walking bag (I always carry spares of everything…) so were able to clip it straight onto Zoey’s harness. We discovered afterwards that the actual clip on the old lead was very loose and easy to open, so must have brushed against something and released itself…I will be checking all leads much more closely now!!

But yes, GOOD GIRL ZOEY!!!



8 thoughts on “Shadows & Sausages

    • Yes, I was very proud of Zoey! Wish I’d had some better treats with me to really show what a good girl she was πŸ™‚

      I think the other dog’s owners had been ill for much of its’ puppyhood, and so it hadn’t had as much socialisation as it could have…

  1. You guys sound like wonderful dog walkers! So nice of you to buy sausages to try to win a client’s dog over — at least you tried. πŸ™‚ And what a windfall for your dogs, LOL. Zoey is truly adorable, πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, we do try so hard with all the pups we walk πŸ™‚ Haha thanks, Zoey really knows how to work it…I dread to think how much hotdog sausage she’s eaten today!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Recall is everything for me. Given my health issues and out here in the wilderness…. A lead is just not practical. Hugs and praise to Zoey! With my weird dog who increasingly is disinterested in treats of any kind I am more dependent on love, praise and hugs. Fortunately that works! I offer a high value treat as well but he makes it clear it the affection that is the real treat.

    How sad about your client dog being so fearful. Keep us updated. Will you be giving it another go?

    • That’s great you can use love as a reward! I wish Kasper was so easy, the bottomless pit has recently been finding walks far more exciting than treats, so he refuses them. He also pays no interest to praise or toys, so we have no reward for him!

      Might have to start taking hotdog sausage out with me on every walk and solely using that…

      No, we’ve said we won’t go back to the fearful dog; each time we went the dog became more terrified of us 😦 I can’t imagine any dog walker being able to help, they either need a good positive reinforcement trainer or, ideally, a behaviourist…

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