Five Nights At Freddy’s

Or maybe the title should read ‘the most terrifying game you will ever play?’ This is the first time I have ever written about a video game, but this one is so good I just have to!

Here’s the trailer. Although the game is so, so much worse than this makes it seem…

My partner started playing this game on Halloween, and we really weren’t sure how scary it would actually be. Although I LOVE horror games, I am too chicken to actually play them, but will happily watch other people do so.

Well, this is the scariest game either myself or partner have ever played. Without a shadow of a doubt.

The idea behind the game is that you have become the new security guard / night watchman at a fictional pizza place called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. You work from midnight to 6am which, according to Wikipedia, lasts around 8 – 9 minutes on the PC version. The restaurant has animatronic animals that sing to the guests in the daytime. I’ve seen similar creepy things at Blackpool Pleasure Beach  and Flamingo Land 😛

Anywhoo, the animatronic robots roam the facility at night. They are out to get you, although you very rarely see them actually move. Trust me, it IS scary!

There are four animatronic animals; Bonnie the bunny, Foxy the pirate fox, Chica the terrifying chicken and Freddy the bear.


Camera pointing at Bonnie, Chica and Freddy, who have yet to move…

For the entire game you are in the guard’s booth at the facility and, totally adding to the stress and fear of the game, you can’t walk. Or move, really; you can look from side to side, and that’s it! There’s also added terror as you only have a limited amount of power, and doing pretty much anything (checking cameras or lights) drains it – especially closing the doors on either side of the guard booth!


Guard booth: red button closes door, button underneath activates the light so you can see the corridor and whatever may be there…

You play the game by checking out eleven different CCTV views of the facility, thereby checking where the animatronics are in the pizzeria. The cameras are grainy & poor quality; it’s especially hard to see someone in the hallway outside the guards’ booth. Oh, and they malfunction. A lot. And you can hear creepy things when they malfunction!

Of course there’s a blind spot right outside the doors of the guard’s booth too. If you can’t find one of the animatronics around the building, you then start panicking and check outside the doors using the light. If one’s there you slam the door shut but, obviously, can’t leave the door shut too long because it drains the limited amount of power you have!!

And if you run out of power before your shift is over, you’re pretty much dead 😛

The four robots have distinct patterns of movement. I’ve read that Foxy (who lives at Pirate Cove) is more likely to move if you don’t keep a close eye on Camera 1C…however if you watch him too much he gets annoyed, and once angered is more likely to move around a lot!

Freddy apparently doesn’t start moving much until later on in the game, but when he does I’ve read he is a nightmare to contend with! (so far we’ve only got to Night 2 and are finding it impossible to beat XD )

Chica is just…terrifying


Chica…(click to enlarge pics)

And Bonnie, jeez! Bonnie is a real bitch!! For us at least, she has been the most active by far – in fact she is the only robot to have killed us the entire time we’ve been playing! She’s also got a nasty habit of totally disappearing. So we check the lights at each side of our door, there’s nothing there…back to the cameras, panicking now, where is she…and next thing we know Bonnie is chewing our face off XD


Bonnie in the shadows

I LOVE this game! Seriously, I adore it. The first night we played it, it gave me nightmares (but I really am a wuss XD ) . There are so many reasons why I love it. I like the way it looks, I love how simple it is but how effectively it can terrify me. I find it hilarious that the things I am terrified of are not scary when taken out of context.

And, one of my favourites, whenever we took a screenshot of the game to be used in this blog, ALL the cameras malfunctioned soon after!! Even if it was right at the start of night two, it still seemed to make the game angry and things got scary way faster than they usually did XD

Awesome game 🙂


4 thoughts on “Five Nights At Freddy’s

  1. Great review! A friend of mine recommended this, but I haven’t gotten the chance to get around to it yet. After reading your review, I think it may be moving to the top of my gaming to do list.

    • We haven’t played the second one yet, but from watching videos I don’t think it looks as good / scary. Have you played it?

      We’ll definitely be buying and playing it at some point, so a FNAF 2 blog is a possibility in the future 😉

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