A dog free day

Hope everyone had a good Halloween?

We spent Halloween hidden upstairs in the bedroom with all the lights off! Kasper gets very stressed out by knocks at the door (Zoey doesn’t even stir, let alone bark!) so we try and avoid as many trick or treaters as possible. We only got one knock last night, I consider that a success πŸ˜‰

I can’t believe it’s November already and, although rainy, it’s still surprisingly warm.

We walked to our nearest garden centre a few days ago, it’s about three miles away and already has all its’ Christmas decorations out = awesome! I love Christmas, I’d put our tree up now if my partner would let me πŸ™‚


They also had quite an array of pumpkins / squashes…although we forgot to buy one and didn’t have a pumpkin yet again for Halloween!


We walked back a different route and discovered a forest close to where one of our clients’ dogs lives, so we will definitely be walking her there! It’s also about 2.5 miles from our house along the canal, so we could also make the walk with Kasper if we were all feeling up to it.


Looking towards the mountain we used to live by

Then we stopped off at The Canal Turn for a huge wedge of cheese and onion pie! It’s the nicest pie I’ve ever tasted, and the pub is right on the edge of the canal so you can watch the wildlife as you eat!


And, to keep up with the Christmas feeling, here’s a (bad) photo of a robin on our garden fence! πŸ˜€



4 thoughts on “A dog free day

  1. I came here hungry with no warning and now have seen a “cheese and onion pie” with fries and veggies and need to go ransack the kitchen for spare bits… πŸ˜‰

    Sounds like a delightful day. I am so glad.

    • Haha oh and it’s such an awesome pie too πŸ˜‰ If you lived nearby I’d totally bring you a wedge!

      Thank you πŸ˜€

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