Bed hogs and blanket thieves

You can tell that autumn has settled in and winter’s approaching as, finally, our super-hot house has reached a comfortable temperature. Some days it’s even slightly cool and I have to put on a jumper and, shock horror, slippers!

Zoey likes to cuddle into things no matter what the temperature is. She’s a serious snuggle-bug. Well, now that it’s colder, she’s getting warmth any way she can. This includes barging into my dressing gown, yes she crawls inside it whilst I am wearing it, to the point where I admit defeat and just take it off…


Zoey with her dressing gown…

She’s also well and truly adopted my new patchwork blanket as her own. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve caught her either snuggled on top of or underneath it…


It’s lucky she’s so cute and get away with these crimes!

And even when I took a nap on the couch, she managed to worm her way under the blanket!!


And I had to bend my way around Kasper, who clambered onto me whilst I was asleep and kicked my legs out of his way…

You would think that bedtime would be a little easier, seeing as Zoey sleeps in her crate for most of the night…well, it’s not! We have a 3/4 bed, not a double bed, and with his cone on especially Kasper manages to take up way over half the room in bed. So we took the giant footstool up to the bedroom, and put it right by the bed. We figured Kasper would sleep on that and we’d actually have the bed to ourselves – HA!

No, what actually happens is Kasper takes up my side of the bed, I have my head on the pillow then have to lie diagonally with my body on the footstool!! It would be so much easier if it was Zoey who shared our bed, she curls up so small to sleep… 🙂

I got this hilarious photo of Zoey dozing with her nylabone smushed against her face too – that pup loves her nylabones!


And a Kasper’s paw update: it looks fully healed 😀 We have been taking Kasper’s cone off for about an hour at a time, so he can adjust to being cone-free and not licking his foot. If he attempts to lick his foot even once we use an interrupter (“whoops!”) and then shower treats on him whilst the cone is put back on. He and Zoey have been having some brutal play fights when he isn’t wearing his cone – I guess they haven’t had chance to play for about three weeks now!


8 thoughts on “Bed hogs and blanket thieves

  1. Enjoyed the pics as I always do. Glad the pups left you a bit of room on the couch. 😉 Well, I am on the fly here. It’s almost time my my guys play date with his girl friend from next door. She goes to work with her mom and comes over every evening around 5:30 looking for Stitch. The two houses are only 300 feet apart.

    • Thanks 😀

      Sounds like a perfect set up for Stitch; gets to play with his girl friend every day but doesn’t have to live and share the treats with her! 😉

  2. Funny that. He actually gives her his treats sometimes. This seems didturbingly abnormal and I am considering a dog psychiatrist…

    So is the cone gone for good yet?

    • Ahaha that is bizarre! I’ve never heard of that before…I’d definitely keep the number for a psych handy! 😉

      The cone is almost gone! We’ve had it off for three hours today (yahoo!) and could probably leave it off all the time we’re around to supervise, but the dogs are playing so manically (and noisily!) that we need to put it on for peace to resume haha.

      Think we’re leaving it off for good, including overnight and in his crate, this weekend though 🙂

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