Big, big, big eggggg!

When I lived with my parents and we had three hens, we would always say the laying song (the racket they make after having laid an egg!) sounded just like they were yelling “Big, big, big eeegggggg!!” Penny, our Black Sex Link, used to lay whopping big eggs. Here’s one of hers:


Penny’s huge egg next to a normal size egg

I wasn’t sure eggs could get much bigger than that, haha! But yesterday whilst walking along the canal with a clients’ dog, we saw a gigantic egg bobbing a few feet out from the bank! We walked past it twice in a half hour period and it was still there, so I found a stick and used that to wash the egg in (much to the dog’s excitement 😉 ) and it looked exactly as I imagined dinosaur eggs to look as a kid 😛


We figured it must be a swan’s egg…? It smelled pretty darn funky so probably got chucked out of the nest, but we brought it home to candle and get a photo. It was hard to see anything inside because the shell was so thick, but we did spot a crack in the egg. Knowing it was either infertile or dead, we returned it to the canal. Otherwise we would have gotten in touch with the animal rescue nearby and handed it over to them! 🙂

We also picked up a container from freecycle yesterday to turn into a container pond. It’s gonna be the ugliest container pond ever (hahahaha!) but it’ll be ours 😉

My partner – very wonkily – sawed off some of the top of the container so it wasn’t so deep. I scrubbed out the inside and filled it with clean water…that must have taken about an hour as I had to fill our punch bowl with water from the outdoor tap, carry it across the garden, pour it into the tub and repeat!!

I thought Zoey might be freaked out by the huge blue barrel appearing in our garden, as she does get spooked by silly things, but both dogs did fine 🙂



Oh! And an update on Kasper’s foot – it’s looking fully healed, yay! We don’t want to take the cone off just yet, as if he licks / chews it out of habit he could probably re-infect it somehow…so he’ll be coned for a while longer yet, but it’s looking good 🙂


6 thoughts on “Big, big, big eggggg!

    • Two goldfish and two comet goldfish, picked them up today 😀

      A fine choice of dinosaur! I love the velociraptor for its’ intelligence though…can’t beat a bit of Jurassic Park 😉

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