Present post 2!

So I said I’d share some of the awesome gifts my family got for me. First up we have this really cute Staffordshire Bull Terrier bookmark that my partner got me. It’s metal and the top curves around the spine of the book so it doesn’t fall out. Attached to the hook is a really sweet Staffordshire Bull Terrier charm!


The chicken book was also a gift and is highly recommended so far!

I was also given these amazing SBT socks – I am in love with them!!


And from my Nana I was given this rather hilarious kangaroo ‘onesie’…Kasper in particular got extremely excited when I put it on, whereas all Zoey was interested in was grabbing the tail with her teeth!! 😀


And the obligatory birthday cards were pretty fantastic this year too 😉



Incidentally I tried the Nina Ottosson dog toy with Zoey today too…it went about as badly as I imagined it would 🙂

She tried chewing the edges first, which I expected. What I didn’t expect was that she could use brute force to pull the red circles from the game…honestly, if a dog can do that, what’s the point in the design?! I didn’t blame Zoey at all, of course a dog is gonna try lots of different things before they figure out how it works, but the design was pretty poor…

On the other hand she LOVED the rubber, green fortune cookie style puzzle feeder! It worked really well and even withstood some chewing / shredding.

I’ll get a video of her playing with it up at some point 🙂


4 thoughts on “Present post 2!

    • Haha! I liked that card too, and the kangaroo is surprisingly warm! Useful in a house when you have no heating as the boiler’s broken 😉

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