A walk with the doodle dog!

Yep, cone-boy got a huge walk today, and boy did he enjoy it 😀

The sun was shining but, because we’re well into October now, it wasn’t too warm out.  We met plenty of cyclists and Kasper was fantastically calm around them all – quite a difference from the days when he would throttle himself at the end of the lead to try and chase after them! (although I wouldn’t put it past him in his wilder moments… 😉 )


We headed for the beach and, since it hasn’t rained for a few days, took Kasper onto the grass itself. Of course the doofus plunged into a puddle at the first opportunity, almost dragging my partner in with him…we washed his foot with boiled salt water when we returned.


It really was a beautiful walk


Look at that blue sky!


Looking towards the geese and Warton Crag

We also shuffled the living room furniture around today to create a ‘doggy den’ area; complete with double-duvet bed, a huge relaxing cushion and a buffet (/stool)…guess who was a huge fan?!


Finally got around to ordering Kasper a basket muzzle too – with express delivery it should be here by Friday…just gotta hope it’s the right size now! 😉


4 thoughts on “A walk with the doodle dog!

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s part of the beach in Carnforth, Lancashire. We used to live at the base of the mountain in the distance.

  1. The doodle dog! that’s precious. How pretty it is where you live.
    Zoey looks like the “doggie den” meets her approval.

    The dog news around here? Guess what? Joe’s (neighbor) cows got out again and they have the green apple quick step from too much grass. Apparently it is delightful to roll in…

    • Thank you 😀 Yes, one of Zoey’s favourite things about the den is that she can climb onto the fridge from the stool!!

      Oh no hahaha! Cow poo is such a nightmare to get off too, we had real trouble with Zoey as because she is mostly white it seriously stained her green XD

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