Muzzle Training

So we’ve been muzzle training with Kasper for a few days now, and he’s doing great 🙂

I started off by click/treating him every time he looked towards the muzzle, then every time he turned his head towards it. Then he was c/t for the slightest bit of movement towards the muzzle and, gradually, he started thrusting his nose into it! The next step will be only c/t him when he has had his nose in the muzzle for a second or two, as at the moment it’s a straight in-and-out-for-the-treat job!

I still want to pick up a basket muzzle, because when he enthusiastically shoves his nose into the material one it all bunches up and doesn’t fit properly…so next time I actually get to leave the house and aren’t stuck in watching over coney boy, I’ll pick up a basket muzzle 😛

And the filming of the video is terrible quality…I was on my own, so was having to manage two dogs, hold the muzzle, treats, clicker and for one video the camera – it wasn’t particularly easy! XD

At the end of the already short video there’s very brief footage of Zoey. She’d just found a lollipop stick my partner had left lying around, and was having a good chomp. It shows her following ‘drop it’ and getting a treat trade in return!

And a few photos from the pups’ excursion to the garden today. Luckily our back garden has double doors leading out to it; Kasper can’t fit through single doors with his cone on!


Kasper smells something good


Zoey explores the trimmed branches…and promptly pees on them!!


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