Kasper dodges a bullet…

Well, we’re not going to the vets today…

We phoned up this morning, and relayed all our ‘rules’ to them. Please don’t come over to fuss Kasper. Can we wait in the car park until we’re called in so Kasper is calmer. Can the vet not tower over Kasper or stare him in the eyes. Can we provide treats for the vet to give to Kasper, crouched down.

All were met with enthusiastic and encouraging answers…and then the receptionist slipped in that Kasper would probably have to wear a muzzle as he is nervous.

I completely understand this; even though Kasper has never so much as growled at a vet (even when she was prodding and pulling his foot when he’d cut an artery!) the vets can’t go by what the owners say…but he’s never been asked to wear a muzzle before, and stupid old me has never conditioned Kasper to wearing a muzzle. So now we can’t go to the vets until he’s confident wearing a muzzle. Agh!

I’m off to the pet shop today to see what they offer, and straightaway we will begin counter conditioning Kasper to the muzzle. Then, once he is happy, we’ll start working on him wearing a muzzle at the vets. I’m hoping we’ll have made a decent chunk of progress in a week’s time…

If this was an emergency I’d probably just have battled a muzzle on Kasper and dealt with the consequences, but as it isn’t I’d rather work with him so he feels happy and it doesn’t set any of his progress back.

Also yesterday we got a fantastically huge second hand crate delivered to us from a wonderful person 🙂

We contacted him on a second hand site, and he agreed to deliver the crate to us for free – and it only cost £30 to begin with! Then, when we tried to push £10 petrol money on him, he reluctantly only accepted £5…some people are lovely 🙂

Anyway, here is Kasper’s ginormous crate!


Excuse the PJ’s 😀

Zoey thought the new crate was brilliant, and adopted it as hers’ right away – we couldn’t get her out!!


Kaspers’ old crate was the size of the dog bed on top of his new one

Whilst Kasper watches from the kitchen doorway, miserable in his cone and attached to a longline.



4 thoughts on “Kasper dodges a bullet…

    • Ugh the pet shop only sold material muzzles too which I find are way harder to work with. At least you can slather PB on the inside of a basket muzzle to get the pup used to it, it’s much harder with a material one!

      Although it probably doesn’t help the one we got, which is Springer Spaniel / Border Collie size (aka Kasper’s two breeds!) is waaay too small for him XD

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