Kasper drives us crazy!

Yet again, Kasper is having to wear the cone of shame…


I must say, it has been the longest period of time between the wearing of the cone that we have ever had since adopting him. At one point when Kasper was around 15 months old he was constantly having to wear the cone. He would have a week or two wearing the cone, then be fully healed and free…only to injure himself somewhere else and have to wear it again 🙂

We’ve had cut paws galore, torn off nails, cracked nails, cuts in between his toes…he is so accident prone!! However the worst incident occurred in Yorkshire; we still don’t know what he cut himself on, but somehow he managed to cut an artery out on a dog walk!!! You can read about it here

A few days ago Kasper had a tiny nick on his foot but, because he is a pillock (!), he began licking it constantly. It was a day or so before we could get a cone for him, and even then he figured out a few ways to free himself so he could continue his obsessive licking:

  1. If he sits a particular way, with his back leg sticking out, he can reach around whilst wearing the cone and still lick his foot
  2. If he swipes simultaneously with both front paws the cone slips over his head (or at least it did until we tied it to an old collar he’s now wearing 😉 )
  3. If the sofa bed is out, he has learnt he can jam the cone underneath the bed, wrench himself backwards and it will burst open
  4. And we currently can’t put him in his crate (which means we can’t leave him!) because he has learnt that by spinning in his crate the cone cracks open!

These are the problems with having a dog that’s too damn smart for his own good!


“Not me mummy, I’m good as gold…”

So now despite our best efforts to clean the paw multiple times a day with salt water (vets’ instructions) and trying to watch Kasper every second of every day, the cut isn’t healed. Not only that but now when Kasper is licking his foot and we go to move his cone / head away, he will growl to tell us to back off…I really wish we could explain why we are doing it to him!

I’ve attached a longline to the collar he’s wearing, so now every time Kasper manages to reach his damn foot I cheerily say “Let’s go!” and guide him around the room until he has (kinda) forgotten about it.

Obviously toys such as nylabones and Kongs, which could keep him distracted from his foot, are out of the question. They hold his attention for a few seconds and then he returns to the licking. We tried putting a baby sock on his foot, which was tight but not too tight, but it was off in a second.

We have an appt at the vets tomorrow – please wish us luck, Kasper is absolutely terrified of the vets!!

We’re prepared to wait in the car park until we’re called in, ask all staff to ignore him, ask the vet to introduce herself (without towering over him or staring him in the eyes) with treats, and let us know in advance every little thing that is going to be happening. It’s not gonna be a fun day…



4 thoughts on “Kasper drives us crazy!

  1. Yes, I wish you luck at the vet! Poor Kasper. I hate the cones…
    I have had good luck with something called “vet wrap” that is an elastic bandage that sticks to itself but not fur or skin. If I over wrap that with medical tape it takes all day to chew it off….. 😉 And then I put a fresh one.

    • We all hate the cones here too!

      Well Kasper didn’t end up going to the vets as they wanted him muzzled (?) and he is not conditioned to a muzzle yet…so that could take a while!

      Ah yes, we have used that stuff. It certainly does come in handy 🙂

  2. I am having the exact same issues with my BC X! He’s literally too smart for a cone, I’m at a loss as to what to do next. I’m thinking of the baby onesie in addition to the cone, maybe you could try something similar with Kasper? Something with the feet attached that is still large enough to fit him.. I know for Beau I will probably end up getting a child size one somewhere! Let me know how it goes, Bryanna.

    • Ah, it’s so annoying isn’t it?! 😀

      We also tried an alternative to the cone that looked like a neck brace…that didn’t work either, he stuck his back paw out in the exact same way and could still reach it!!

      Hadn’t thought of a onesie. That’s a great idea, thanks! 🙂 I hope it works well for your pup and he manages to heal okay!

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