Oh this weather…

It is 27*C today…that is so too hot!

I’m really glad that we don’t have any dogs to walk anywhere near midday today. Neither of our pups have had walks yet as even at 9am it was far too warm and, as I only slept a couple of hours in the night, I wanted to try and get a couple more hours kip in the day time so it didn’t trigger a mood episode.

It was so hot in the bedroom last night that we just had to open the window (seriously, our house is like an oven and NEVER cools down!). This was at about 4am and I still hadn’t managed to sleep. The window was open for about half an hour before Kasper heard the tiniest noise outside and started with his pre-bark huffing >__<

This dog is a nightmare in such a warm house! We did discover that if we left the window open just a crack, he didn’t seem to mind the noises outside, so at least we got a little relief…until the refuse collectors arrived just before 8am, then Kasper started with his huffing again!

I guess we just really need to buy a fan XD

Today we’ve had the sofa-bed out and everyone has been tired after such a fitful nights’ sleep… Zoey was terrified of us getting the sofa-bed out, which is pretty funny as we used to sleep on it every night for about six months after we adopted her, so we could sleep next to her crate when she was a puppy. I guess she had forgotten all about it though as we hadn’t used it in about a year.

She quickly got over her fear and climbed on board for a relaxing time



And Kasper was my cushion rest 😛



We had a scary experience on our evening walk the other night. We were walking through the field that has a public footpath going through it. There are currently three horses in the field and, other than a brown and white one coming up to give me a sniff, they have never bothered us and are used to people walking through with and without dogs.

We were walking across the footpath as usual and one of the horses came thundering across from the far side of the field in a very threatening manner. I’m not a fan of horses and didn’t like the way this one was approaching, so told my partner (who had Zoey on her lead) to get out the other side of the gate with her, and I would walk towards the horse to try slow it down otherwise he’d never make it in time.

I stopped a nice distance away from the horse and turned to the side in case a head-on meeting would be confrontational (I know nothing about horses so was solely going off my knowledge of dogs 😛 ). The horse moved very close to me, which I found terrifying, but I continued to talk calmly…and then it bit my arm!! Ouch!

So I turned and sped out of the field, with the horse following scarily close behind, yelling at my partner to hurry up and get Zoey out of there! We made it through the gate without further injury, and as soon as we were out Zoey turned to the horse (which followed us right to the gate) and began snarly-barking at it…this is the first time I ever heard her bark / snarl not in play.

I guess she picked up on how terrified I was and how we were both shaken. I felt bad for her though, and we have been playing Look At That game with her around horses since the incident. She hasn’t shown any residual fear, so I am hopeful it didn’t scare her too much.

I now have lovely bruising on my arm 🙂



I won’t be walking through that field anymore, especially with our dogs, and will not be trusting a horse again!


4 thoughts on “Oh this weather…

    • It’s a belter of a bruise isn’t it?! It’s changed colour today and you can kind of see the horses’ teeth marks – very interesting! 🙂

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