Making friends

Today we finally made it to the animal sanctuary where we volunteer. We got to walk some really sweet dogs, although everyone was absolutely pooped because of the heat! As you can see it was scorching!!


First we walked two beautiful small dogs. Say hi to 12 year old JRT x Corgi, Nelson



And his ‘sister’, 1 year old JRT, Bella! 🙂



These two were absolutely adorable. They were sooo friendly! Both were much happier lounging in the shade than running around…we did try and instigate a game of fetch, as we had been told they enjoyed a game, but the pups were far happier chilling!



Bella and I did have a brief play fight but it quickly dissolved into lots of kisses to the face 🙂

Nelson had the most gorgeously soft coat. Both were beautiful pups and, had we gone to the rescue looking for potential dogs to adopt, we would definitely have put our names down to bring them home! 

Hopefully they won’t stay at the sanctuary too long…

Next we walked 2 year old Dexter, who was a Lurcher. Although initially happy wandering off in the paddock to do his own thing, he quickly decided he would like some fuss after all. He was a very cuddly boy after his initial nonchalance, and would lean into your leg for extra love!



We did some recall practice in the paddock, calling him and giving him a treat when he came. We had to look like numpties in the beginning (clapping our hands, jumping up and down, waving our arms etc!) but once he got the idea of the game he was very good at it 🙂


Dexter comes running!


We walked him around the sanctuary’s grounds and he was surprisingly good with all the other animals (including chickens and ducks) although he did give the cheeky goat a few “woof”s as he passed 😀 




Such a smiley boy!


And we said hi to all the other dogs too, including my favourite boy Rossie. Rossie is an 8.5 year old Staffy, and poor lad nobody wants him, he has been there for ages and ages 😦 And I can’t think it’s anything other than his breed, as he is a really lovely boy. He adores making new friends and is just a real softy…a total cuddle monster. I’m really hoping he finds a new, loving home soon.



6 thoughts on “Making friends

  1. Scarlybobs, it’s so nice that you two volunteer at the sanctuary — good for you! I’d like to do that but I’m worried I’d always come home with another dog or cat. Still, I think it’s wonderful that you interact with the animals there. Maybe I’ll have to just follow your lead and try volunteering. 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 It can be hard at times, especially when you really bond with a dog and they spend months, if not years, at the rescue…I think the fact that we absolutely CAN NOT have another dog does make it easier for us to do 😉

    • I know, me too 😦 He’s just wasted in kennels, and he’s such a loving, adorable boy…but nobody seems able to look past his breed 😦

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