Social Saturday

My parents came up to visit today and check out our new house for the first time – they couldn’t believe how hot it is in our house!! XD

We decided to leave Kasper out to say hi to them, which was a risk as Kasper hasn’t said hi to my dad in over a year, so could have forgotten and become afraid of him. Also my mum is allergic to dogs and so doesn’t appreciate dogs leaping madly at her…but we decided to risk it for a biscuit! 😛

Kasper excelled – he was so incredible! We met my parents outside and Kasper went into full ‘I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU’ mode, which was really lovely. He adored my dad especially as my dad could stroke him and get covered in slobber! My parents had brought both pups loads of treats and Kasper was happy to sit outside and have fuss, attention and treats lavished upon him!


One happy but slightly anxious Kasper whilst my parents looked around the upstairs of our house


Inside he was a real star, he followed “sit” every time I asked of him, and followed the hand signal for ‘lay down’ too. He didn’t jump up or act silly, and he didn’t even hump my dad in his over-excitement, which is a rarity!!

My parents brought lots of goodies with them for the dogs, including some lambs’ ears…I’ll admit, even I was a little freaked out by these when I saw they still had fur on them!!!


Ewww XD As a vegan and someone who cared for an orphaned lamb for six weeks, I found that kind of creepy haha!

The pups, of course, went wild for them. My ‘rents also brought some chicken breast treats (Kasper, as a 20kg dog, was supposed to have 5 of them in 24 hours…he ate about 2/3 of the pack! XD ) and some little training treat bones.


Love the pups in the background of this pic!


My favourite thing about these treats (as well as the awesome ingredients) was the blurb on the back, it said…


“Approximately 150 chances to bond with your dog”


Isn’t that cute? 🙂

And a rare photo of the pups sitting nicely together



Zoey ruined my first attempt XD



Hope everyone else has had a lovely start to the weekend!


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