Pee on the bed!!

Yep, it happened…Zoey pee’d on the new dog bed! >__<

She hasn’t had an accident in so many months now, *sigh* My partner took her out to the toilet at 8am, same as every day. Zoey did a poo, didn’t do a wee, but came running back into the house anyway…five minutes later she must have realised she needed a piddle and went and did it on the brand new dog bed!




We washed it immediately, following the instructions on the label, but when it came out there were white patches where the colour had been completely washed out. Oh no 😦

So we are returning the bed and will probably end up buying a less exciting, less colourful but more practical one…damn you Zoey 😛

Oh well…



Sleepy Zoey shows no remorse!



Sleepy Kasper is wondering why he has to sleep on the floor again!


And, because I lay on the floor to get the photo of Kasper, Zoey had to come see what I was up to and lie next to me XD



I’m hoping Zoey will eat some of her kibble today, she’s eaten such a pitiful amount these last few days (although she has made up for it with the huge gobfuls of cow poo she has scoffed 😛 ). Normally she will only eat once a day, but she’ll eat a decent amount and manages to maintain a stable weight. These past few days she’s eaten a few mouthfuls in the morning and a little more in the evening…she really is useless with food! 🙂


I said the magic words: “Is it your breakfast time?”


15 thoughts on “Pee on the bed!!

  1. I guess Zoey just wanted to leave her mark on the new bed LOL – staking her claim, so to speak! 😉 I love her different colored ears, she really is a beautiful pup, as is Kasper.

    • Hahaha and last night Kasper was playing the role of the fashion police when he chewed up a t-shirt from off the radiator – I get it, I’m seeing it through my dogs’ eyes now!! XD

  2. poor wee Zoey – blotted her copy book. We’re lucky enough to have a dog who absolutely scoffs his food – but he has the odd accident as well when he gets really excited.

    • Kasper is the same, nothing can stop him eating! But even as a puppy Zoey would refuse her food…she’s a fussy girl, she really is 🙂

      • Oooh I’ll bet Zoey would LOVE that, we will have to buy some oats in and try her with it – thanks for the tip! 🙂

  3. Oh No…. Well, stuff happens. 🙂
    What a shame it wasn’t color fast.

    PS thanks for the nomination but I will pass. It’s summer and my heart is outside in the garden with the dogs.

    Speaking of which, because of the heat Stitch is eating far less… I expect when the weather cools he will go back to the chow hound I know him to be.

    • I know, I bet the next bed we buy will be really boring looking!

      Haha no worries, that’s totally understandable 😉

      That’s true, her eating less could totally be to do with the heat. I always worry when she’s not eating, even if she’s otherwise healthy, because she’s already too skinny…we get comments about how we must be abusing her already, I don’t want her to lose any more weight!! 😛

  4. This is why Trevor sleeps on a blanket and a few machine washable pillows! Chuck ’em in the wash with no worries!

    I am sorry about your beautiful dog bed. I read your last post about it with great envy!

    • I need to learn that lesson!! I continue to buy these nice looking dog beds, when so many have been ruined by puke, pee and blood (Kasper once cut an artery off-lead in the forest…when he got back to the house it was a BLOOD BATH!!)

      Haha thank you very much 🙂

      • Haha amazing what silly situations our dogs can get in! Trevor currently has a sore ear because he ran into a shed!

        FYI, primark has some great blankets at the moment! Trevor has one with elephants on and if it smells or gets dog goo on it just chuck it in the machine 🙂

        How did you stop the artery bleeding?? I would go into meltdown if Trev hurt himself like that!

      • Hahaha oh Trevor!! 🙂

        Thanks for the heads up, we need more blankets atm anyway for Kasper’s bed so I will totally be heading to Primark, I’d never have thought to look there!

        Oh god it was a NIGHTMARE! We couldn’t get a home visit from the vet and couldn’t get Kasper to the vet as we don’t drive…I don’t think I’ve ever panicked so much in my life!! We got a bandage on him at home and a stranger thankfully gave us a lift to the vet.

        At first we were told that it wasn’t an artery he’d cut, so he was booked in for an operation the next day. When they did the op they discovered he had in fact managed to cut an artery. It was all horribly stressful for all of us!

        There’s a pic of poor miserable Kasper here 😛

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