Hot summer days

We have been having some really hot weather for the UK –  looks like summer has arrived! 😦

I can’t stand hot weather, I’m one of those people that overheats and tires quickly in the sun. My pups are the same, Zoey especially is bad in the heat and, one time when we took her on a long walk on a fairly warm day, suffered from heat stroke. We’re particularly careful with her to avoid high temperature times (namely the middle of the day) and only walk her late at night on very hot days. We also carry a bottle of water with us so that the pups have access to a drink no matter where we’re walking.

We walked Kasper along the beach the other day…guess who fancied a swim?! 🙂



It was pretty funny because, as we were still walking alongside the road at the time, Kasper was on a short lead when he decided to  take the plunge into the water. My partner almost got dragged in after him (hahahaha) and was almost lying on the grass trying to give Kasper enough slack on the lead to move around in the water! Then of course doofus dog started drinking it, to the chorus of “Nooo Kasper, that’s saltwater!!” XD

Kasper isn’t as poorly affected by the heat as Zoey, and will happily sunbathe in the back garden. In fact it is one of his favourite activities – look at that happy expression 🙂





Our only problem with the garden is that occasionally people walk past our gate. Kasper obviously sees / hears them and immediately starts barking. He was so het-up that he wouldn’t even accept a treat – unprecedented for Kasper! Even when my idiotic friend brought his brother around unanounced (knowing full well that Kasper is fearful of men he doesn’t know) Kasper would still accept treats in between woofing. 

I’m not sure whether to leave him barking and try happy-talk him through it, and wait for him to receptive to treats again, or bring him in so that he can get away from the thing he fears.

I’d LOVE him to be able to spend time out there sunbathing, without having to worry about the people he hears, but at the moment he just gets to spend the odd ten minutes out there whilst it’s quiet and then come back in…I suppose that’s still better than having no garden at all 🙂

Any ideas or suggestions on how to work on this would be appreciated ^__^

I also took this pic of the pups the other night – can you tell they’d had a tiring day of long walks along the beach? 😉



7 thoughts on “Hot summer days

  1. Love the shot of them both crashed out tired….
    And the story of Kasper’s “dip”.

    Does Kasper see the passers-by or just hear them? Would a screen or mat to block view help at all? Beats me. 🙂

    • Yeah, he hears them too…as soon as he hears the car doors go and the voices begin his ears prick up and he becomes unsettled. Then he sees them go past the gate and begins his barking, so maybe some way to block that would help.

      It didn’t help that the guy who walked past yesterday hung around cooing “sssh, hey, it’s okay! Hey!” I was getting ready to yell at him myself when he finally left 😛

      Beats me too! Kasper sure does like to keep me on my toes!!

    • Thanks, I’m hoping all the nice experiences out there will start to pay off 🙂

      That’s so sweet that Penny likes to sunbathe already. The only place Zoey would ever sleep when she was that age was in our laps or her crate haha, she didn’t discover the sun until she was much older…then again we did have her as a puppy over winter 🙂

  2. Adorable dogs! We, too, have to be careful with our little guy, a Yorkie-Bichon, who easily overheats as well.

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s funny how some dogs are so badly affected…we always assumed Kasper (with his long dark fur) would do terribly in the heat, but no he copes remarkably well!

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