News from the new house!

Yes, we’re back! We just got the internet set up today, hip-hooray! 😛

Well, moving day was a lot less stressful than it could have been. Because I was off walking clients’ dogs, I didn’t have to help shift the heavy furniture AT ALL – which was great 😉 By the time I got back, bringing provisions with me, all the large furniture had already been taken across, and there were just the dozens and dozens of bin bags to go!

The dogs did great with the move. Zoey was amazingly calm and quiet, despite there being people in the same room as her crate, hoiking out the furniture! Kasper didn’t make a peep and, from his ‘den’ under the stairs, he was comfortable and settled and away from the people in the house.

Once we had the furniture across and had arranged the living room into an approximate guess as to how we wanted it, it was time to bring the dogs across. First we walked Zoey over, and I stayed with her whilst my partner went back to get Kasper.

Zoey was fairly stressed at first; there was a lot of yawning and some whining going on. Then Kasper arrived, and all that went straight out the window…she was happy to be there, and all she wanted to do was play to relieve her earlier stress! It amazes me quite how much Zoey loves her brother…I’m not quite sure Kasper feels the same way 😉

Kasper looking beautiful, if tired!



And showing off his incredibly large tongue 😛



We began working with Zoey and her crate right away. Every time she went in of her own accord she got a treat, and I was constantly asking her to go in and out. We fed her in there and I locked the door so she would get used to being closed in whilst at the new house. 

Well, it all paid off as Zoey didn’t make a single peep during the first night at the new house, and she hasn’t since! I can’t believe this at all, I’m over the moon…I was so worried about her screaming the house down and annoying our new neighbours already XD

After the first few days we had the bedroom, living room and kitchen virtually unpacked and tidy…and then the spare room looked like this!!



We’re getting there though, slowly but surely 🙂

A pic to show how well both pups have settled into the new house (Zoey loves it here because the sun stays in the living room longer than it did at the old house!!)



And Zoey enjoys a frozen carrot whilst Kasper watches on from his crate in the kitchen 🙂



6 thoughts on “News from the new house!

  1. I am so glad to see you back online! How great the hard part is accomplished. Sounds like the “kids” did wonderfully. May I say they both look adorable today as usual. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, we were both amazed with how well both dogs coped.

      Thank you very much – I will pass your compliments on to the pups along with an ear scritch 😉

    • Thank you 🙂 Yes, I remember the first time we moved house with Kasper he freaked and thought we were leaving him! But since then he really just goes with the flow and copes very well.

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