Only three days…

Yup, at this time in three days we will hopefully have the more stressful part of the move out of the way…I am TERRIFIED!!!

We happen to be moving the furniture across to the new house on Monday, which is our busiest dog walking day. As a result I’ll be handling all the dogs on my own, which is fine. It also means I get out of having to help shift the furniture; all that will be left to my partner and his dad haha 😉

I’m also really stressing about Zoey beginning to whine / howl in her crate at night again.This is the first house she has ever lived in where she hasn’t whiney-howled at night…I am really hoping it carries across to the new house as I don’t want to upset the neighbours. We’ll continue giving her a 45 minute walk before bed and two Kongs in her crate in the hope that it will tire her out and keep her too busy to whine…

The letting agency surprised us by phoning this morning and saying we had another viewing at 4pm today…erm, what happened to the legal requirement to give us 24 hours notice?!

Kasper was amazing with having strangers in the house again, and even though the viewing lasted almost 45 minutes he was content to lay in the bathroom and be fed kibble…not a single bark or growl, so I was very pleased with him 🙂

Yesterday evening we took Kasper over to the new house, and he walked within a few feet of cows for the first time ever. He excelled – this dog constantly surprises me! We walked Zoey to the new house this morning, so both dogs have been there once so far just to check out the new digs and get a little used to the place.


Walking towards the cows which had all congregated by the gate we had to pass through!


And the doodle dog very happily looking around the new house





My mood seems to be crashing too, which I kinda expected what with the stress of moving and all…but I was hoping I would go into a manic rather than a depressive episode haha! So somewhere along with all the moving fun we have to squeeze in a GP appt to ask when the psych appt to review my meds will be…

My meds at the moment aren’t working at all, but I really don’t want to change them. The only side effects I’ve had with them have been sleeping extra and tremors in my hands / a leg that constantly shakes. I can live with that; even if it does really bug / concern everybody else. The meds they want to try put me on next have some terrifying side effects…I don’t know what to do at all…I don’t want to be constantly bobbing from one episode to another, which is what is happening now, but the thought of trying the meds they mentioned scares the hell out of me… 😦

Last time I saw a psych about meds he very forcefully advised me to take Quetiapine / Seroquel, even though I didn’t want to, and I’d gained over 2.5 stones before he agreed to switch me to the med I’m on now, which is Abilify and an anti-depressant. I’m very picky about my meds, heh. If anyone has any experience with Depakote or Tegretol / Carbamazepine I’d love to hear it…


8 thoughts on “Only three days…

    • Thank you! And thanks for being so understanding about meds, most everyone just expects me to take them no matter what the side effects are!

  1. Best of luck with the move! One day you’ll look back on it and think, “Oh, that wasn’t really so bad.” 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I hope so…or maybe it would be good to remember how stressful it was to dissuade us from moving house again!! 😛

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