Play bows and play bites!

The weather here has been waaay too hot for about a week now – for me at least! It’s been hitting 23*C and, as me, my partner and the pups prefer cooler to hotter weather, we have all been melting during our walks!

Here’s Zoey after her walk this morning – see the slobber dripping from her chin? Just delightful! You gotta love that huge Staffie smile though 😉



We had a wonderful walk with Zoey this morning. We went exploring the fields towards where our new house will be. We walked through the field full of cows, which Zoey does great with these days. She isn’t so excited by them anymore, and it’s hilarious to see her stood next to a huge cow of the same patterning! 🙂

Then after the cow field we walked through the horse field – lots of treats needed here! Zoey is wary around horses (ever since sniffing the nose of one and it sneezed on her – that’s enough to frighten anybody!!) so we play the Look At That game with them; every time she glances at them she gets a treat! 

After leaving the horse field we followed the lane a little until we reached the chickens. I adore chickens so like finding excuses to visit them 🙂 Despite the fact that this was the first time Zoey had ever seen chickens, she was remarkably calm around them (maybe because she grew up by a canal so saw a lot of ducks?) and after a cursory glance was happy to carry on.

And Kasper of course gets his walk up the Crag, which he loves. A deer burst from the trees just a few feet in front of him the other day and charged off through the bushes; I was very glad we keep him on-lead these days, he would have been after that like a shot and would have followed it for miles!

One of the scariest experiences with Kasper was when he was still new to us, and he was off-lead in the fields where we lived in Stoke. Well, across the hill from us we saw a deer and Kasper saw it too! He was deaf to our calls and ran after it out of sight, and didn’t reappear for about 15 minutes! We were terrified he had gone for good, but no, thankfully he returned! 🙂

Here’s Kasper with what we call his ‘crazy eyes’…he has this look when he has too much energy, and we know we won’t be getting any peace and quiet for a while! This was taken after we’d returned from walking our clients’ dogs today, we’d only been gone four hours but that was long enough for the crazy eyes to make an appearance!!



By contrast Zoey looks remarkably calm:



And the play session that followed…I wanted to try and get some snarly faced shots, but the dogs were too busy running into me and knocking me over, so I feared for my camera’s safety!!! 😛


Kasper does a play bow to entice Zoey to dive on him from the couch!


And afterwards, finally, Kasper was tired enough for calm to resume!



4 thoughts on “Play bows and play bites!

    • Oh yes, he LOVES to get her to jump on him from the couch, it’s their favourite game 😉 Zoey certainly thinks she’s royalty! 😛

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