Lazy times

We still don’t know when we’re getting the keys for the next house so, for now, there’s only so much packing we can do. That means that, other than walking ours’ and other peoples’ dogs and doing the odd bit of baking, we are having a few lazy days enjoying the sunshine = yay! πŸ™‚


Vegan blueberry muffin my partner baked…yeah, I nibbled the top off πŸ™‚

The weather has been incredibly warm and sunny (well, for here!) these past few days. Every morning Kasper comes back from his walk panting like an I-don’t-know-what and promptly collapses on the coolest available surface. Zoey has to wait for her walk until it has cooled down some as, although she is happy to sunbathe in the house, she’s quite sensitive to the sun outside and easily gets heatstroke.

Here she is after her walk yesterday…somebody had a good time πŸ™‚



The pups were treated to some cooked meat from my partner’s grandparents the other day too. I have no idea what meat it was…being a vegetarian since you were 8 will do that to you…but the pups sure enjoyed it! Here’s Kasper doing a ‘leave it’ with his share (I have no idea why he is sat so oddly XD )



Oh, also, Kasper thinks he’s a lap dog…yeah…!



HeΒ insists on sitting on me and clambering all over me numerous times a day and, me being the pushover I am, I refuse to move him unless I’m in agony because…well…he *likes* to sit on me! And I love having him so close! This is the dog who used to cower when I moved to stroke him too quickly!!

And whereas Zoey is much smaller so her cuddles are more comfy…Kasper cuddles are just as special πŸ™‚ (unless they’re in bed when heΒ just has to lie on top of me…their not cute, they’re annoying and disrupt my sleep!! πŸ˜› )

And a random, but cute, shot of Zoey



I was actually trying to get a side shot of her, but she decided she was all interested in the camera so I got that instead πŸ˜€

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!



6 thoughts on “Lazy times

    • Thanks Cookie πŸ˜€ She is *very* muscular but very skinny too – and she gets double what Kasper eats, which he thinks is very unfair! πŸ˜›

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