Walks and houses…

We went and viewed the park by a house that would allow us to rent with dogs today. 

The park was simply beautiful and the forest trails were SO green! (sorry for the useless photos, I forgot to take my camera and had to use the mobile phone!)



Peering through the trees we could see Ashton Memorial




The dogs would have LOVED this walk. There were fairly large patches of dense forest where the dogs could explore and sniff to their hearts’ content, then there were more open areas with well maintained grass, ponds and fountains



The colours were simply gorgeous, it was lovely to wander around the park on such a sunny day!



There were plenty of dogs wandering around for Kasper and Zoey to say hi to, but also plenty of trails off the beaten track if you wanted avoid too many distractions, say to do some outdoor training with Zoey for example 🙂



We finished our exploration at the bottom of the steps; what a beautiful sight with the blue sky in the background!



Afterwards we went to check out the house, but unfortunately it was way too small for our pups…the living room was tiny, the dogs wouldn’t even be able to turn around in there, never mind play bitey face!! XD

Tomorrow we are viewing another property; we shall have to wait and see what that has in store for us! 🙂

We will definitely be keeping an eye out for properties to rent surrounding the park if tomorrow’s house isn’t successful, it was such a tranquil walk it would be lovely to live nearby to it.

Sorry if you are getting bored reading about us potentially moving house…but for now, the search continues!!


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