Maybe moving part 2!

We have found a few houses that we like, a couple which would be fabulous…one is right next to the beach walk I posted about previously, a 10 minute walk to the supermarket and very close to the vets. It also has the canal nearby for extra dog walking fun too! We are just waiting on hearing back from the landlord to see if they allow pets or not.


Who could refuse these two?!

The other (which would be happy with two dogs living there) is close to Lancaster city centre, which would be handy…very easy transport links, VERY close to a vet (although I have no idea what the vet is like / if there is a female vet at the surgery so would have to get in touch) and, best of all, there is a nearby forest and parkland that is 54 acres! The dogs would LOVE that 🙂 And the house is closer to the rescue we walk / train dogs at, so that would be handy too 🙂


“54 acres?! Sounds like fun!!”

And as if that’s not enough my mood is spiraling up and up and my partner says I am falling into a manic episode…which is just great, because it’s not like I need a clear head for deciding where we next live or anything!! XD

Our GP is doing everything she can to try and get me assessed and treated by someone who can adjust my medication, but there just isn’t much she can do, she’s constantly hitting a brick wall!

And some pics of cozy Kasper and sunbathing Zoey to finish the blog off 🙂






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